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Survival Attribute system (Replicated)

Games By Hyper - Blueprints - Jun 13, 2021

A survival character with attribute logic: from health, armor, hunger, energy, thirst, oxygen too health states as sick, poisoned, drunk, infected etc. too a temperature system.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.20 - 4.27, 5.0
  • Download Type
    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

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Main Features overview video

Note: Landscape and trees not included

Suggested combinations:

The survival attribute system:

It includes a fully networked survival attribute with advanced logic. This system is intended for simple survival games. No inventory system is coupled, or included. It manages survival attributes.

Base player stats:


The character has a health variable. This is the most important one.

The health is affected by damage events.

For instance: Fall, hunger, thirst, no air, etc.

When the health is zero, the charachter will collapse and a die sound is spawned

when the character is very close to dieing, a very low health sound is spawned. In this case a fast heartbeat.

Also a blood splatter screen animation is included. On event damage the blood splatter is activated.

For generic damage events, the armor will decrease first

The character has the option to enable or disable health regeneration.

The amount of regen is determined by the: VariableHealthRegenerationRate

When health is at max, the logic will not be excecated.

Also, when the actor is receiving damage, the health is not regenerated for a couple of seconds 


The character has armor.

The armor is substracted on event damage.

However, the armor is not substracted on certain damage types such as:

Hunger damage

Thirst Damage

Out of Air Damage

Fall Damage

If the armor is zero, a armor break sound is spawned.

If there is no armor on the char, the UI will adapt


The character has hunger logic.

The hunger decreases over time by a consumption rate variable.

When the hunger is in low range, a stomach growling sound is spawned.

When the hunger is at zero, damage will be applied to the health, not the armor.


The character has thirst logic.

The thirst decreases over time by a consumption rate variable.

When the thirst is in low range, a stomach growling sound is spawned.

When the thirst is at zero, damage will be applied to the health, not the armor.


The character included energy logic.

You can sprint with shift. Sprinting consumes energy.

The sprint speed is lerped to the max speed and also reversed via timeline.

You can jump with spacebar. Jumping consumes energy.

Jumping spawns a jump sound.

When the energy is in low range, you can't jump or sprint.

The char will automatically stop sprinting when is zero.

The energy has a regeneration rate variable.

When the energy is in low range, an out of breath sound is spawned.


The character has an Oxygen variable.

This can be used for: under water, but also for "space survival"

Only when oxygen is consumed the UI will show the oxygen bar based on an animation

The consuming of oxygen is triggered by a variable: Consuming oxygen bool.

When the Air is low, an out of breath sound is spawned (gasping). 

When air is regained a regaining sound is spawned

When oxygen is zero, apply damage only to health, not armor.

Generic Penalty system:

This pack includes a generic penalty system. You can easily apply penalties to all stats based on health, temperature or from a pickup e.g.

Rotten Fish


Poiseness berry


Energy Drink




Health states (Including post process and screen effects):

  • Sick: Bad stats, slowly recovering
  • Healthy: Normal Stats
  • Infection: Need medecine, bad stats and slowly dieing
  • Wounded: bad stats but slowly restoring. Small chance of infection if not attended
  • Poisoned: random chance of recovering. Antidote helps to restore.
  • Drunk: Temp dizzy screen, more hunger and thirst. A bit more energy

Temperature states:

  • Very cold: Bad stats and small amount of damage
  • Cold: Bad stats, faster hunger
  • Normal
  • Hot: Bad stats, faster thirst
  • Very hot: Bad stats and small amount of damage

Based on "external temperature", the temperature state is switched. 

Be aware, the character also has a "Chill" temperature.

The chill temperature can differ per character.

This is depended on a chill temp penalty.

The penalty is determined by e.g. clothing, if is wet, or near a fire and warmed.

Each state has a screen animation effect.

Misc States:

This affects the chill temperature of the individual.

  • Wet: When in rain or just out of water. Faster cold
  • Warming: Near a fire, faster not wet AND faster too hot and less fast too cold
  • On Fire: Fire particle + dying + not wet

Weather based temperature support:

Possible to integrate with a weather plugin.

The weather system should include a temperature variable.

To set temperature state in the char: Call the "Set Temperature State based on external temperature" event

In the weather system you want to set temperature depended on season (spring, summer, autumn, winter)

Depended on time of day (Morning, afternoon, evening, night)

And set penalties and misc states based on weather type:

  • Rainy (Colder and wet) (Call On Event Wet on the char)
  • Cloudy (slightly cold)
  • Partly Cloudy (A bit warm)
  • Sunny (Warm)
  • Snowy (Quite Cold)
  • Foggy (A bit cold)
  • Windy (Cold)
  • Stormy (Wet and cold) (On Event Wet)

Character logic:

Sprint, Run and Walk:

  • Switch between Run and walk with Tab
  • Enable sprint with left shift.

Fall damage:

  • This is triggered on the Event On Landed. There are two variables involved:
  • Required Falling velocity to apply fall damage (This is a threshold so low impact falls are not hurting)
  • Fall Damage Multiplier (Multiplies the impact of the fall)


  • The player has an option to show their statistics and their name above their head which faces the local player.
  • This is for multiplayer purposes. 
  • You will not see your own stats above your head but only in your HUD
  • Currently: Health, armor and name is replicated. 
  • It is optional to replicate the other stats such as hunger.

Double Jump:

  • Double jump system which can be switched via a boolean.
  • Energy logic is also included.


  • Character collapses when health is zero.

Technical Details


  •  A fully networked survival character with advanced logic as described above. Including:
  • Base player stats
  • Health state system
  • Temperature state system (Possible to integrate with a weather plugin, no weather plugin included)
  • Weather system support (Possible to integrate with a weather plugin, no weather plugin included)
  • Misc states such as on fire, warmed (near fire) and wet
  • Character logic such as walking, running, sprinting, dieing, fall damage, double jump and an player identifier for network.
  • Including icon's, textures, post processing and screen animations.

Number of Blueprints:45

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms:


Documentation: Very extensive blueprint documentation.

Important/Additional Notes: Extensive and personal support from an active Discord community with one on one contact with the developer (That is me, Eric)