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[UE4] Ultimate Inventory System V1

Games By Hyper - Blueprints - Nov 28, 2021

The most complete inventory system perfect for Survival / RPG / OpenWorld games. It includes: Inventory, Crafting, Equipment, Vendors, Attribute manager, Level and skill manager, Resource pack, Pickup system, UI, Excel spreadsheets, and more!

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.20 - 4.27
  • Download Type
    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

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Made by 🎮 Eric from Hyper!

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V1 & V2

Please note the “V1” and “V2” labels on my assets. The v1 versions are my original versions and are based on UE4. If you are using UE5, I would always advise you to use the V2 version (if available). The V2 versions are significantly changed architecturally and visually and are different products, however with the same goal. All original products will stay as is and if needed I supply bug fixes for them.

Ultimate Inventory System - From beginning to end


  • Inventory system
  • Crafting System
  • Equipment System
  • Vendor System
  • Attribute Manager
  • Level and skill Manager
  • Hotbar
  • Basic Combat System as an example for the attribute display
  • Resource Pack
  • Pickup System
  • UI including theme changer
  • Excel import logic
Inventory Controls:
  • Split
  • Transfer
  • Custom Amount
  • Transfer All
  • Swap Stacks
  • Combine Stacks
  • Default action
  • Drop
Inventory Options:


  • Each item has the option to decay in an inventory.
  • Decay multiplier can be changed so we can simulate a refrigerator, freezer or hot environments
  • If an item is fully decayed, it can be destroyed, chosen to be not useable anymore, required repair or even spawn a new item (e.g. spoiled meat)

Slot system

  • You can choose to use the limit of the inventory on weight or amount of slots
  • Dynamic slot creation
  • Weight based
  • Slot based

Initial inventory

  • It is possible to assign starting items
  • The amount of inventory slots can be tweaked per inventory


  • The AC_Inventory component can be switched to an vendor by clicking ”Is vendor”
  • The vendor is based on a tradelist which can use categories to spawn items.
  • You can tweak the sell and buy price multipliers for the vendor
  • The vendors do have: “Not interested” categories.
  • Vendor has amount of coins and cannot buy if it is not sufficient.


  • The AC_Inventory component can be switched to a lootchest. “Is lootchest”
  • The loot is based on a lootlist. For now I’ve setup low, medium and high quality lootchests
  • The loot can be determined per chance, per category and even per item!


  • The Vendor and lootchest have a restock and reset ability. The timer will trigger after interaction.
  • Each item restocked can be set:
  • A chance to spawn
  • If spawning, what is the min and max amount that should be spawned.
  • If restocking, don’t exceed this number of items.


  • The inventory component can be used for crafting abilities.
  • The player also has crafting abilities without a workstation. Open your personal inventory to see the crafting options of the player (Tab or I).
  • Crafting is recipe based. So the player needs to know the recipe to be able to see and craft the item.
  • Recipes are category based. E.g. Fish can only be cooked at a fireplace/campfire.
  • The crafting station can have the option to have an On/Off requirement.
  • It can also require fuel to be consumed. The accepted fuel can be set as an priority and manually be defined.
  • Fuel can anything like: Sticks, logs, coal or whatever you like to define.
  • Crafting queues can be cancelled per stack or for all.
Data table & Import logic

Nearly everything is driver from a datatable (inventory/crafting/equipment/etc.) I want it to be easy for you to to fill in your data table. I know it can be hard, especially if you have many items! Preferably you will want to use Excel if you have many items to be included. I've worked a lot to make that possible! I've created a clear an categorized Excel, you can simply only fill in the values that you requires. If you don't need specific attributes, you can simply hide them! The excel and documentation on how to import/export can be obtained after verification.

Attribute manager

Many attributes have been defined and implemented for you.

They are defined in 6 main categories:

  • Non-Persistent_Character_Attributes
  • Persistent_Primary_Character_Attributes
  • Persistent_Character_Survival_Attributes
  • Persistant_Generic_Combat_Attributes
  • Persistant_Ranged_Combat_Attributes
  • Persistant_Level_Attributes

The attribute manager keeps track of attribute states:

  • Base value
  • Added value

Both of these values can be changes temporarily or persistent.

Implemented non persistent attributes:

  • Health
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Hydration
  • Magica
  • Fatigue
  • Weight

It also includes active effects and state effects which are driven from a datatable. e.g. On fire, Cold, Drunk, Poisoned, Sick, Bleeding

Temporarily effects:

The attribute manager is able to assign attributes with a timer. This is perfect for RPG style potions or cool things like waterbreathing potions.

Level & Skill Manager

Define which skills there are.

Keep track of key statistics:

  • Current level
  • Current XP
  • Current maximum XP in level
  • Total accumulative XP
  • Progress percentage
  • Awarded Skill Points
  • Maximum achievable level
  • Has it reached the maximum level
  • XP Growth factor

Add XP to a specific skill from wherever you want

Determine how much xp is required for the next level 

(based on an algorithm so it is expanding gradually, but not too much.)

You can change this easily by tweaking the level growth factor. 

You can do this for ALL skills or per specific skill.

It includes UI functionality for XP gains

Combat System

Basic Combat System as an example for the attribute display:

  • Melee
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Hit Text
  • Data driven attributes

Weapon types

  • One handed
  • Two Handed
  • Spear
  • Hatchet
  • Pickaxe
  • Dagger
  • Bow and Arrow
UI Theme Changer

With the use of the BFL_UI_Theme you are able to easily change your UI

  • Fonts
  • Outlines
  • Background colors
  • Stroke Colors
  • Progress bar Colors
  •  Crafting states colours
  • Categorized in Header, Secondary Header, and Base text
Resource Pack

This pack includes hundreds and hundreds of amazing assets!

The assets are made so you can easily populate your game in no time with quality assets.

The assets are ranging from nearly every category you can think of.

I’ve created nearly all the assets myself. 

However, to speed up the process I’ve also used some amazing assets from the public domain (cc0). 

Sources are:

  • Some content from Epic Games examples (e.g. log is extracted from a tree in the open kite demo)
Quality first:

The best and nothing less. Our core principles keep our assets the top of what’s available.

Where possible:

– Complete and flexible, we include most common use-cases in our products.

– Data-Driven approach, so adapting is easy. We provide spreadsheets for mass edits.

– Flawless integrations.

– Blueprint only, so we keep it accessible for you and your complete team.

– Extensive documentation, in code and in docs. Not only what happens by also why. We want you be able to learn.

– Production-ready.

Technical Details


  • Inventory system
  • Crafting System
  • Equipment System
  • Vendor System
  • Attribute Manager
  • Level and skill Manager
  • Basic Combat System as an example for the attribute display
  • Resource Pack
  • Pickup System
  • UI including theme changer
  • Excel import logic

Number of Blueprints: 79

Number of Meshes: 319

Number of Materials: 151

Number of Textures: 876

Network Replicated: Yes

Important/Additional Notes: This system is very extensive and there may be hard to comprehend for beginners.

Supported Platforms:

Windows. It is assumed that it works fine on all platforms.

Support, community & Documentation📁:

Initial Support like bug encounters and online documentations are available after verification[Please note that docs are optional and web-based]. Easiest way is to access is Discord, but ofcourse also possible via mail.

The discord is a meeting place with forums setup per asset where other game developers with the same asset can discuss the use and also help each-other out including me (Eric) the developer.

All my blueprints are always heavily commented. Not only the what happens, but I try to explain why it happens.

The documentation of this asset also includes excel downloads.