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Trees Gen02_04

Immersive-Games - Jan 10, 2021
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Trees Gen02_04

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Trees Gen02_04

A Brand New volume in the series of the Gen02 release. Unique Trees/Bamboo not released in any other volume or series in the Marketplace. Each Tree/Bamboo is bespoke and unique meshes, none are repeated.

This Volume consists of:

* 12 Acacia Trees - 4.2k tris avg each

* 12 Bamboo Groups - 1.2k tris avg each

* 12 Beech Trees - 6.3k tris avg each

* 11 Birch Trees - 6.8-22.4k tris

* 11 Elm Trees - 4.7k tris avg each

* 10 Maple Trees - 14-28k tris avg each

* 12 Oak Trees - 6-9k tris avg each

80 Trees/Bamboo in total offering excellent value for money, that will enhance your scene.

Technical Details


  •  Unique Trees/Bamboo not released in any other volume/series
  •  Most Tree meshes have 2 Leaf Materials, ideal for colourising between seasons
  •  Remove One leaf material to simulate leaf loss in Autumn and Winter

Number of Unique Meshes: 80

Collision: Simple and Complex auto generated

Vertex Count: See above

LODs: None provided

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 19

Number of Textures: 70

Texture Resolutions: 512x512

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes 32 & 64 bit

All Platforms and Editor Versions, these are all FBX meshes and standard texture and material formats

Documentation: Forum Link

Important/Additional Notes: These are standard FBX Meshes, Textures are PNG and materials are standard editor shaders.