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Trees and Shrubs - Vol. 3 (Extreme Realistic Wind)

Greenleaf Vision - Environments - Aug 28, 2020

Trees and shrubs with dynamic wind system

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0
  • Download Type
    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

The update has already been submitted and is currently being reviewed by the marketplace support.

Due to the fact that many content creators have submitted their packages for 5.1, it may take a while...

Look for the "Update" notice for this asset in the Epic Games Launcher over the next few days after purchase!

Please note:

The 'Big Forest Pack' exclusively gets a lot of additional content with this update:

- a huge 66 square kilometer map

- extended wind system

- roads

- 'Global foliage actor' BP via which all important settings can be easily controlled

- rocks / stones

- A massive building

- distance meshes (mountains)

- A bunch of additional maps with the most beautiful scenes!

More info about the upcoming update:

All assets get the extended wind system, as well as simplified autumn and winter (snow) options.

All assets will receive improved lighting exposure with Lumen and improved Imposters for UE4.26-5.0, which makes a significant difference!

The update for 5.1 with compatible Nanite meshes is also included in the big update and the exposure settings have been adjusted again especially for 5.1

In addition, the upcoming update will add a variety of grass plants, as well as visually high-quality grass.

This will also make a huge visual difference.

A new tutorial and other new media content will follow soon!

For further questions please come to our Discord!

Check out the 'Greenleaf Vision' YT channel.

Please note that Vol. 3 contains more simplified tree meshes!

Strong Wind Demo NEW Update soon!

Strong Wind Demo Fall NEW Update soon!

Gameplay Video - July Update 2021

Tutorial NEW! (For all assets!)

Single Mesh Overview Please note that the video shows all trees from Vol.1-Vol.4!

Mixed Wind Demo

More Screenshots / Videos

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The clouds are not included, but can be downloaded HERE for free!

To achieve the same lighting conditions (images / videos), you should use the 'Volumetric Clouds'!

Volumetrics is already enabled in the project. So you can use the clouds directly on any included map!

Download 4K Impostors HERE

(Just unzip into 'Content' folder and overwrite all files!)

This quality asset contains 84 tree meshes with realistic wind animations, 22 shrubs, 15 small plants, some branches and some grass. Choose between summer, autumn and leafless tree variant. Moreover, you have various options to configure the wind strength and the wind animation speed (light / strong breeze, mixed wind and random wind). Some maps already contain a few different camera perspectives. The most beautiful scenes were selected for this.

The bark texture can be replaced with a custom texture for each tree! You can choose between four different leaf types and change them very easily. An outstanding advantage of this asset is its uniqueness: Not only are the 8K/4K leaves of all the trees interchangeable, you are capable of dynamically configuring the colour of them as well.

The bent trees have exclusively 'light breeze' wind!

All maps use the new 'SunSky' Blueprint with different lighting scenes.

With the help of procedural foliage spawner types you can create big forests in seconds!

Press Z in Play-Mode to open up the wind control sliders!

Feel free to visit my Discord to ask more questions:

Discord Server Support

Technical Details


  • Realistic wind animated trees
  • 1 parameter to change the wind strength/animation speed
  • 4 square kilometre map
  • Procedural foliage spawner
  • Customizable Materials
  • different exposure settings
  • 12 example maps (big/small map)
  • Change leaf density
  • [5] seamless forest ground texture sets
  • [4] different high-quality leaf albedo textures
  • [19] trees [12] shrubs [16] plants [10] meadow

Texture Sizes:

  •  [5] Texture sets in (4096x4096 to 2048x2048) ground
  •  [4] Texture sets in (4096x4096) tree leaves
  •  [2] Texture set in (2048x2048) bark
  • [29] Texture sets in (4096x4096) impostor

Collision: Yes, Custom and Generated

Vertex Count:

  • High vert trees: [LOD0 70k-55k] to [LOD3 16k-13k] applies only to two tree types!
  • Low vert trees: [LOD0 30k-9k] to [LOD3 7k-2.5k]
  • Shrubs: [LOD0 98k-40k] to [LOD3 21k-10k]
  • Plants: [LOD0 7k-190]

LODs: 4 + Impostor

Number of Meshes: 425

Number of Materials: 39 Master Materials, 1629 Material Instances

Number of Textures: 734

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, VR

Platforms Tested: PC