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The Ultimate VR Gun Template

The Ultimate VR Gun Template allows you to fully customize any type of weapon you want. Create fully unique guns that make your weapons stand out from others.

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    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

Tired of VR gun packs that don't include recoil or hand animations? Look no further than the Ultimate VR Gun Template.

As of 2/21 I reccomend using this template as a standalone project, however a new migration tutorial is in the works.

The goal of this template was to streamline a process where you can add weapon models from any pack and have them set up with high quality animations in as little time as possible.

The template uses the same code as the default grab component allowing it to be easily substituted in. The pack utilize the default epic pulgins "OpenXR" and "OpenXRHandTracking"

The procedural recoil in this pack allows the player to create their own custom recoil for each gun they create.

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The Template Migrates Well into GDXR Ultimate VR Template!


Ultimate VR Gun Template | Trello





The pack includes an easy framework for animating weapon grabs as well as default animations that can be used. I would like to continue developing this template in order to create one of the best VR gun systems out there. As such I have tutorials outlining how to create custom weapons ranging from nerf guns to rocket launchers with this pack so that despite using the same pack users will be able to always create a unique experience for any game.

I am also available for commission work.

Business Email: [email protected]

Detailed Features:

Option For Physics Interactions between gun and environment.

Procedural Grab

7 Different Weapon Templates To Choose From:

  • Bolt Action Sniper
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Automatic Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Auto Shotgun
  • MP5 Base Slide Lock Punch Chambering
  • M4 Base Slide Lock Punch Chambering

Fully Customizable Weapon Sounds And FX:

  • Weapon Fire Sound
  • Mag Insert Sound
  • Remove Mag Sound
  • Dry Fire Sound
  • Rifle Slider Part 1
  • Rifle Slider Part 2
  • Silenced Fire Sound
  • Muzzle Flash FX
  • Impact FX
  • Shell Eject FX
  • Impact Decal (Bullet Hole)

All Sounds and FX shown in trailer not from weapons pack are included in this pack.

Customizable Weapon Attributes:

  • Fire Rate
  • Vertical Recoil Multiplier
  • Horizontal Recoil Multiplier
  • Damage
  • Weapon Range
  • Weapon Kick
  • Shotgun Spread
  • Horizontal Recoil Multiplier
  • Shotgun Pattern Array (3 Included "Smile, Default, Star")
  • Slide Lock Resistance
  • Recoil Pattern
  • Recoil Pattern Duration
  • 2nd Animation Start Percentage
  • 3rd Animation Start Percentage

3 Weapon Fire Types:

  1. Simulated Projectile
  2. Hit scan
  3. Shotgun Spray

3 Custom Recoil Patterns:

  1. S Shape
  2. Fade Right
  3. Fade Left

Lyra Weapons And 2 Custom Made Weapons:

  1. Lyra Rifle
  2. Lyra Auto Shotgun
  3. Lyra Pistol
  4. Custom Pump Shotgun (Lyra Stylized)
  5. Custom Bolt Action Sniper (Lyra Stylized)

Technical Details


  1. 5 Different Weapon Templates To Choose From:
  2. Fully Customizable Weapon Sounds And FX:
  3. Customizable Weapon Attributes:
  4. 3 Weapon Fire Types:
  5. 3 Custom Recoil Patterns
  6. Lyra Weapons And 2 Custom Made Weapons:

Holster That changes ammo type based on the type of gun held.

Public Domain Assets



1911 Pistol:

Number of Blueprints: 33

Levels/Maps: 1

Materials: 25

Textures: 72

Plugins: "OpenXR" and "OpenXRHandTracking"

Input: Any VR Platform using the Open XR Framework and Enhanced Input System

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes