The Plates Creek

Eyosido Software SARL - Aug 27, 2018

A maritime environment with high-quality photogrammetry-based surfaces and meshes. Includes a landscape material, several rock, sand and pebble surfaces, rock fields, boulders, rock plates and cliff modules, beach woods, sea shells and more.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.18 - 4.22
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Demo video :

The Plates Creek is a photogrammetry-based, modular environment asset pack inspired by the peculiarities of certain maritime areas of France's south-west coast. The "plates" are sharp strata making up cliffs or rising from the ground, sometimes stacked together like plate piles. The pack features high-quality, high-resolution photogrammetry-based surfaces of rocks, sand, pebbles as well as several rock, cliff, rock plates, beach wood, sea shell meshes. All the photogrammetry work has been made on the south-west shore by the publisher of this pack. The pack also contains many game-optimized materials (including a landscape material) and functions for clarity and reusability.

Interview at 80 Level about the making of this pack :

More details at Support thread is here.

Technical Details


  • High-quality, 4096x4096 photogrammetry-based surfaces, most come in two variations which can be combined at runtime.
  • Rocks, boulders, cliff and plate modules, 3 large beach woods, 16 sea shells, 24 pebbles.
  • 4 large meshes to create 2 types of chaotic rock fields.
  • 2 large scale, detailed boulders with full texture sets.
  • 3-layer landscape material in two variations (quality/performance) with optimized Parallax Occlusion Mapping pebble layer for smooth relief rendering.
  • 2 sky textures at 8192x8192.
  • Plate and cliff modules materials enable mixing of surfaces, can be used to alternate variations of a same surface to bring variety or break tiling, or to smoothly transition from one surface to another.
  • Modular materials with many utility functions. Usage of material instances and instances of instances for specialization.
  • Materials support distance-modulated tesselation and texture tiling for the material to look different when seen from close or far distance.
  • Some materials support sand vertex painting (R channel) to smoothly blend rocks with the landscape.
  • Two levels: Demo and Overview.


  • 142 textures, 123 meshes (including variations), 22 base materials, 107 material instances, 34 material functions.
  • Meshes have collisions and LOD generated by UE
  • Materials require Shader Model 5
  • Roughness/AO/Height maps are packed inside a single texture.
  • Many textures are 4096x4096, small objects or smooth surfaces are generally 2048x2048.
  • Most textures are square but some are rectangular (size always power of 2).
  • Supported from UE 4.18 to 4.20.