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PSG Creations - Music - May 15, 2024
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These 17 tracks are comprised of almost 2.5 hours of J. Soule Inspired Fantasy/Ambient Folk themed soundscapes, scores, epic soundtracks and dark moody dungeon ambiences that can set a VERY emotional tone in any creators project...

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A Tale Of Turmoil:

This Tale Takes Place In The Mountains That Tower Over Banesbrook. At The Edge Of The Banesbrook Swamp. As Well As The Surrounding Moor, Forests And Villages.

Gloomy Atmosphere​:

Caves, Mountains, Waterfalls, Forest, Humid Areas And Fog Are Predominant​

Very Dark Soundtrack:

Banesbrook Not Only Struggles To Make Ends Meet In The Middle Of A Misty Moor, But Wolves Terrorize The Townsfolk And Make Hunting Even More Difficult. ​

Strange Noises Are Common​:

The Hunters Guild Traverses The Forests Surrounding The Moor Trying To Find Food As Well As The Source Of The Wolves, But Too Many Men Die And Nothing Has Ever Been Uncovered.​

Nobody Trusts Anybody:

The Townsfolk Are Full Of Stories To Tell And Legends To Share, But Most Are Unfriendly To Outsiders.​

Something Cosmic Calls:

High up in the mountains an astronomer finds the source of the dark magic that blights this accursed realm.


THE ASTRONOMER'S RELIQUARY - Folk Ambient Fantasy Dungeon Music Emotional J.Soule Inspired UE5 Asset (

Technical Details

Technical Details

Features: SUPER VERSATILE 2.5 Hours of bleak post-apocalyptic dystopian dark ambient themed scores. By SUCCUMBANCE (project of mine), Produced at Fifth Funeral Records. USA. By me. Breathe new life into your scenes or render lonesome and ominous liminal spaces. Also, Good News. This music could easily be implemented in any sort of project from a dark fantasy setting or drama series to books on tape or sleep/study videos regardless of the tags!

17 Tracks

2.3 Hours Of Sound

Cinema Quality Scores

Number of Audio Wavs: 17

Number of Audio Cues: 17

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz

Does music loop: Yes

Minutes of audio provided: 175

Supported Development Platforms: UE5.4

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes