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TerraForm Pro - Aug 5, 2020

EDITOR PLUGIN: Powerful GIS Tools for UE4. Import GIS data directly into UE4 to quickly and easily create accurate real world landscapes and to position custom content or Market Place assets.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions


Demo Video:


Import Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Files to Create Landscapes:

• Create accurately scaled Landscapes direct from DTM data in seconds.

• Use Editor Landscape tools to modify terrain.

• Retain coordinate system (projection/datum) and call in Blueprints.

Import Vector Lines to Create Landscape Splines:

• Import ESRI ShapeFiles (.shp) as Landscape Splines (mm accuracy).

• Apply meshes to create roads, rails, paths, rivers etc.

• Re-project .shp files to Landscape coordinate system.

• Clamp Control Points to terrain.

• Set height of Control Points from GIS data.

• Modify imported Splines using Editor tools.

• Blend imported Splines with Landscape (raise/lower/flatten terrain).

• Override materials under Landscape Splines (e.g. replace grass with dirt to blend roads into Landscape).

Import Vector Lines to Blueprint Splines:

Import .shp files as Blueprint Splines to create rivers, crop fields, traffic, fences/walls etc.

• Create/download Blueprints from the MarketPlace and use GIS data to set Control Points.

• Clamp to Landscape/set the height of Control Points from GIS data.

• Import GIS line attributes and map to Splines (select mesh, width, depth, speed etc).

Import Vector Points to Place Actors:

• Import GIS point files to place Actors in Landscapes.

• Import GIS point attributes to control Actor settings.

Technical Details

Unreal Version Compatibility: 4.24, 4.25.


• Import DTM data to create Landscape Actors

• Import GIS vector lines to create Landscape Splines

• Import GIS vector lines into Blueprints

Code Modules:

• TerraForm_Runtime - Runtime

• TerraForm_Editor - Editor

• TerraForm_EditorAssets - Editor

Number of Blueprints: 4

Number of C++ Classes: 68

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64


Sample Data: