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Stylize Inventory V1.0

WanderGarro - Apr 17, 2021
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I want to present my stylized Inventory. Inventory has the function of adding / creating items, spawn item on space, moving through slots and equipt

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I want to present my stylized Inventory.

Inventory system is presented as actor component. System does not use "cast to..." function, but uses "blueprint interface (bpi)". All nodes, functions and macroses are commented.

Build-in actor component's functions:

  • adding items;
  • creating items;
  • spawn item on space;
  • moving through slots;
  • each slot has own tooltip;
  • equipt it.

It can be easily adapted for all your tasks, by changing:

  •  the total number of slots;
  • slot type;
  • background textures;
  • for components migration it is necessary to connect to the character.

System will be improved/updated according to your feedbacks.

Please contact me for any questions by email:

Technical Details


  •  Actor: 1
  • Actor Component: 1
  • Base Character and his components: 1
  • Data Table: 1
  • Blueprint Interface: 2
  • Drag And Drop: 1
  • Enumeration: 6
  • Structure: 2
  • User Interface: 7
  • Maps: 1
  • All Texture: 53
  • Texture 512x512: 1
  • Texture 256x256: 30
  • Texture 64x64: 20
  • Texture 2406x3805: 1
  • Texture 2406x2367: 1
  • Fonts: 4
  • Game Mode:1
  • Player Controller: 1

Input: Keyboard and Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Linux: Yes

Mac: Yes

Documentation: -

Important/Additional Notes: -