Style3D Real-Time Cloth Simulation Plugin for Unreal

Style3D CG - Code Plugins - Aug 4, 2023

An industry-level clothing simulation engine, encapsulated as Unreal Engine plugins, enabling real-time calculations for complex scenarios, meeting CG industry's animation realism and real-time interaction demands.

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Discover our Unreal-based clothing simulation engine, seamlessly integrated for real-time animation and interaction across CG. Elevate projects with cutting-edge technology and support complex scenarios. Redefine visual storytelling in film, animation, and digital humans.

The SDK simulation engine is meticulously crafted leveraging CUDA technology and presently optimized exclusively for Nvidia graphics cards. System prerequisites entail an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3060 or higher, with a minimum 8GB video memory. Compatibility extends to Windows 10 and later versions.


The Style3D Simulator clothing simulation plug-in seamlessly interfaces with the Style3D Atelier modeling software, and integrates with character assets to enable both real-time clothing simulation and offline caching within Unreal Engine (UE). This advanced plug-in excels in the simulation of intricate clothing and significantly enhances production efficiency.


● Full Compatibility with Style3D Digital Assets

Animate digital clothing created by Style3D Studio in Unreal Engine.


● Real-Time Clothing Simulation, Powered by Cutting-edge CG Technology.

Simulate complex clothing with more than 50K vertices in real time.


● Animation Caching

Allow superior-quality clothing animation to be recorded in a compact format for postprocessing and display.

Technical Details

New!V2.0.0 Latest Version Features | January 29, 2024    


  • Supports general meshes (meshes created externally in DCC and imported into UE) solving.
  • Supports low-poly driving high-poly mesh proxy solving.
  • Supports collision between clothing and objects in the scene (static meshes and skeletal meshes).
  • Supports collision between clothing and previously solved clothing cache.
  • Sequencer supports selecting the starting point to re-record the cache.
  • Supports converting clothing cache to Alembic.
  • New wind field component, supports directional wind and spherical wind, and keyframing in Sequencer.
  • Clothing mesh rendering settings, with added shadow settings and transparency settings.

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