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Simple Fly Ride System

Somndus Studio - Oct 2, 2020

Simple mount fly system for flying with dragon as humanoid character

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Video :

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Main Features :

Is a blueprint to implement a mount flying system with controlled humanoid character.

For the example, you can control anime character with the abilities to :

  • Move
  • Sprint
  • Jump
  • Glide after Jump
  • Mounting dragon
  • Leave the mounted dragon

The dragon example can :

  • Move in the ground
  • One jump
  • Switch in flying mode after jumping (by press jump input again)
  • In fly mode
  • Project himself to switch in glide state
  • Brake by pressing the dedicated input
  • Switch in fall

Notes :

IMPORTANT : Be careful, this asset used some Object-oriented programming principles. To understand and modify code logic, it's recommended to know them.

Engine Version: For Unreal Engine version please use 4.25.3

Technical Details


  • 1 Prototype dragon
  • 1 Anime hero character
  • Hero locomotion/air glide and mount control
  • Custom fly movement component
  • UE4 Mannequin version
  • Anime character and UE4 mannequin have same animations, so you can use him for retarget
  • Stylized sky/floating island example assets.
  • Handpainted textures

Animations :

  • 23 hand crafted humanoid animations
  • 18 hand crafted dragon animations

Number of Blueprints: 25

Structs: 1

Enum: 1

Input: Keyboard

Network Replicated: No yet

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: No