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SHADERSOURCE - Code Plugins - Apr 9, 2024

This plugin is a quick and easy organizable favorites list for referencing assets quickly when creating levels.

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    5.1 - 5.4
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Ever wanted to be able to make easier collections of assets while building levels? Ever wished you could have more than four Content Browsers? Well the Level Palette plugin is right for you!

The Level Palette is an easy way to organize assets into categories to make referencing them super easy and quick! No more clicking through 100 folders to find those same assets you were using only a few minutes ago! Simply create a category, and drag and drop them into the Palette. Save Palette presets for future use too, for when you have to make a similar level to that last one, or for when you come back to modify your level in three months’ time when you’ve forgotten where the assets are in your huge project!

Preview Video: {Coming Soon}

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Technical Details




Key Features:

  • Palette-style UI screen
  • Create categories and add asset content
  • Save palette presets for other people to use, or for you to use again in the future!
  • This tool is essentially a favorites list for your content browser

Code Modules:

  •  Level Palette Module, Editor Only

Network Replicated: No (Not required as editor tool)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows