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Scifi Interior Environment Mega Pack

Davis3D - Environments - Jun 30, 2022

This Massive SciFi pack contains 546 Meshes and Modular design 40 Blueprints!

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.20 - 4.27, 5.0
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Video Trailer

First Person Shooter Example Trailer

Sound Effects Flythrough Video

Download Packaged Demo

Step into a world of the future, with this incredible Scifi Pack - featuring over 524 Unique Static Meshes!

This massive pack contains 40 Procedural Mesh blueprints for ease of level design.

Blueprints include:

Modular Architecture

The pack contains 33 modular architecture blueprints for Walls, Ceilings, L-Turns, Stairs, Crates & Floors.

Simply drag your chosen architectural blueprint into the level, and adjust the settings to change the appearance and function of your blueprint. Add windows, pipes, fences, tarps, etc... This greatly increases the speed of your level design!

Cable Blueprint

Create a winding, bending cable of your own custom shape! Customize the end pieces of the cable with up to 8 options!

90 degree Pipe Blueprint

This pipe blueprint allows you to create custom pipe paths with the grid snap enabled.

Simpy drag the points of the blueprints spline around the level and it will automatically generate a pipe that follows the path.

Sound Effects

The package contains 2 fan sounds, 2 ambient ship-rumble sounds, and an exterior wind sound that plays when you near the windpos.

Optional Horror Elements

Not everyone wants to make a horror game, but if you do, this packa also contains everything you need to add that extra layer of atmosphere to your zombie / alien shooter. Aside from the traditional flickering lights found in horror scenes, this package additionally contains 4 Blood splatter decals and 15 smeared blood wall-symbols to greatly increase the scariness of your environment! The sound of the wind outside the station has also been created to sound horrifying!

Animated Doors

Animated doors are planned for this package and should arive in an update during the next 24-48 hours

Meshes Include:

For a Detailed breakdown of the Static Meshes included, please read the following and make sure to play the downloadable Demo!

  • 205 Modular Pipe Meshes
  • 120 Floor Meshes
  • 63 Ceiling Static Meshes
  • 39 Fence Meshes
  • 31 Wall Meshes
  • 14 Stair Meshes
  • 13 Door Meshes
  • 11 Tarp Meshes
  • 11 Corner Wall Static Meshes
  • 11 Crates and Door Panel Meshes
  • 9 L Shaped Wall Meshes
  • 9 Tube Meshes
  • 5 Vertex Animated Gear Meshes
  • 3 Decal Meshes
  • 1 Exterior Cliff Mesh

(Note #2: There are 341 Meshes excluding the Modular Pipe Meshes. There are 546 Total meshes including meshes with material variations and differing pivots)

Technical Details


  • 524 Uniuqe Static Meshes (546 including material variations)
  • 205 Modular Pipe Meshes
  • 341 Other Meshes
  • 33 Architectural Blueprints
  • 90 Degree Pipe Blueprint
  • Cable Spline Blueprint
  • 3 Light Blueprints
  • 1 Sparks Particle
  • Large Demonstration level

Number of Unique Meshes: 524

Collision: Yes, Automatically Generated and Per-Poly for complex objects

Vertex Counts:

Under 100 = 92

100 to 1000 = 219

1k to 10k = 188

10k to 20k = 27

20k to 40k = 17

40k to 50k = 3

LODs: Yes, Automatically Generated for any meshes over 5000 vertices.

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 110

Number of Textures: 270

Texture Resolutions:

  • 4096 = 237
  • 2048 = 22
  • 1024 = 2
  • 512 = 6
  • 16 = 3

Supported Development Platforms: Windows and Mac