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Scanned Poplar and Aspen Forest with Seasons

Tirido - Environments - Jul 19, 2017

Pack contains photorealistic, photoscanned poplar/aspen trees, foliages, ferns, shrubs, rocks models, photoscanned terrain textures and material sets. All for spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons with sample scenes.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.10 - 4.27, 5.0
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64dkIOVpVqs

Model screenshots (4K)

This pack contains:

  • Poplar A: 10 trees (populus nigra/lombardy poplar)
  • Poplar B: 8 trees (populus tremula/aspen/European aspen)
  • Poplar saplings: 5 small trees
  • Shrub A: 3 shrubs (ilex aquifolium/holly/European holly)
  • Foliages: 2 ferns, 13 flowers, 4 grasses, 11 detail assets and 5 grass group meshes for terrain grass layer
  • Rocks: 3 big, 2 medium, 9 small and 2 photoscanned rocks
  • Terrain: 17 terrain textures, outer mesh for distance mountains

All flora elements have spring, summer, autumn and winter versions. Also there are two versions of medium and big size trees (urban and forest). Urban versions are healthy trees that suitable for landscape gardening in urban areas or forest areas that are not dense. Forest versions are suitable for dense forest environments.

All branches and foliages have wind animation and also color variation depending on their position on the map. These can be adjust via material parameters.

All models have lightmap UVs and collisions (trees have capsule, others have auto generated). All textures are set for PBR. All models have LODs. All big flora objects have four LODs (100%, ~40%, ~5%, billboard)

All winter rocks have dynamic snow layer.

All terrain textures are photoscanned from same area and they have same texel density.

Also there is a road mesh with photoscanned footprint POM material for creating snowy road with footprints.

There are 7 levels and a showcase level.

Technical Details

Trees use 4 different photoscanned barks in two textures (2048x4096, 4096x4096), 1 tilable (512x1024) and 1 branch texture (4096x2048 for each season. Branches have wind animation that can be controlled via material parameters. Also every tree has color variation (with HUE value shift) on their leaves depending on their position on the map. This variation also can be changed via material parameters. 

Trees have 4 LODs. Base LODs are hero lods for close-ups and their barks have tessellation. Last LODs are billboards.

Example:"poplar_a_medium_c_forest" model's LODs have 12694, 5153, 592, 6 triangles.

Shrubs use 1024x1024 texture and their leaves have wind animation and color variation just like trees. They also have 4 LODs. Base LODs are hero lods for close-ups and last LODs are billboards. 

Ferns also use 1024x1024 texture. They have 3 LODs. Last LODs are billboards.

Flowers and grasses have 3 LODs. Flowers use 4k, grasses use 2k texture.

Detail assests have no LODs because they are set to disappear at a certain distance.

Rock set uses photoscanned 2048x2048 tileable texture for all rocks except photoscanned ones. Each photoscanned rock uses 1024x1024 texture. All rocks have winter versions which have dynamic snow layer on top of them. This layer's snow texture, snow amount, coverage and it's sharpness can be adjust via material parameters. 

Photoscanned rocks have 3 LODs. Base LODs have tessellation. Other rocks have 2 LODs.

Terrain textures are 2048x2048. All of them were photoscanned from same area in different seasons. They cover about 3m x 3m area so their texel densities are same. Snow footprint texture is 2048x1024.