Scalable Display Manager for Unreal Engine

Camera Calibration - Image Warping, Blending, Color - Any Screen Shape

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Scalable Display Technologies, Inc was founded in 1994 at MIT with core patented technology in the field of camera-based calibration of projectors

Scalable has grown to become the industry leader and authority in multi-projector display correction.

Scalable Display Manager is the product used by the world leading simulation and attraction companies, from theme parks to fast-jet simulators, if accuracy and reliability are paramount, Scalable is the only solution for the job. Scalable software removes the arduous and time consuming process of manually aligning projectors, instead, point a camera and let the magic happen. There is no limit to the number of projectors or screen geometry that can be calibrated. The calibration can be run automatically with no user intervention, ensuring perfect visuals and a usable system anytime, all the time.

Scalable calibration takes less than 30seconds per projector and achieves the highest accuracy levels required by the most demanding customers. Scalable software suite includes the below features and capabilities

  • Image Warping
  • Edge Blending
  • Color Calibration
  • Brightness Matching
  • Image Masking
  • Head Tracking Support
  • 3D frustum calculation (camera views)
  • 4k and 8k resolution support
  • .nDisplay Export
  • MPDCI Export

Create something amazing today, get started with Scalable software free download and please contact SDT team for more complex setups

Technical Details

Scalable Display Manager for Unreal includes a FREE limited capability license. To upgrade to a full featured license, please contact Scalable Display Technologies

Up to 4 projectors (any make/model/lens)

Standard Geometries (Flat, Cylinder, Extruded Curve, Dome, Toroid)

Up to WQXGA resolution per projector (2560x1600)

Supported versions: UE4 versions 4.27.x, UE5 versions 5.x

Watermarked for Unreal

Setup Process

  • Install Scalable Display Manager and the Scalable DisplayClient on any remote IG / PCs connected to the projectors
  • Setup Scalable Display Manager Software for your screen type and run a calibration
  • Identify the resulting Scalable Mesh Files (.ol / .pol) and import through Unreal nDisplay configuration

That’s All! Your display should be properly calibrated with content matching your screen - bravo!

For more information on how to set up nDisplay read the nDisplay Technology white paper by Unreal Engine.

Email [email protected] to get the SDM for Unreal installer and the limited license.


Scalable Display Manager for Unreal is integrated in UE4 version 4.23+ through 5.2

Windows Host PC to run the Scalable software

Supported calibration camera from this list. A Logitech Webcam is a simple place to start

Email [email protected] to get the SDM for Unreal installer and the limited license

Subject to acceptance of EULA terms