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Sandbag Walls

Karamai - Props - Mar 1, 2017
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A highly detailed pack of military sandbags based on real photogrammetric data

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.14 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.


3D previews:

All meshes include LODs and collision. LOD 0 is between 8k and 13k triangles for most meshes.

The textures are in .tga format and 4096x4096 in resolution with additional detail textures of 512x512 resolution. Ambient occlusion and dirt masks are placed in the normal map blue and alpha channels and the roughness textures are placed in the albedo alpha channel to reduce texture fetches in the shader. There is an additional shader and texture for some of the damaged sandbags that has alpha in it to create some of the lose threads that break up the silhouette.

The base textures can be scaled down easily without major loss of quality due to the detail textures used in the shader and have been balanced to work well with PBR and realistic lighting conditions.

The UVs of each mesh are uniquely laid out with no overlapping in UV set 1. The lightmap UVs in UV set 2 are generated through UE4.

The sandbags use a master shader that control material instances for each sandbag wall, allowing you to tweak only the master shader to have the changes apply to all sandbags at once.

The master shader has a connection to a material parameter collection called MPC_Wetness that can be exposed to blueprints or sequencer and changed in real-time to make the sandbag shader turn wet over time.

As a bonus, included is a pre-built showcase scene with HDRI sky and advanced terrain material that you can use for renders.

Technical Details

Number of Materials: Two unique, nine instances.
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes
Number of Textures: 28
Texture Resolution (complete list):
T_SandbagWall_01_Albedo 4096x4096
T_SandbagWall_01_M 2048x2048
T_SandbagWall_01_NormalOM 4096x4096
T_SandbagWall_02_Albedo 4096x4096
T_SandbagWall_02_M 2048x2048
T_SandbagWall_02_NormalOM 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallCorner90_01_Albedo 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallCorner90_01_M 2048x2048
T_SandbagWallCorner90_01_NormalOM 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallCorner90_02_Albedo 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallCorner90_02_M 2048x2048
T_SandbagWallCorner90_02_NormalOM 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallDestroyed_01_Albedo 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallDestroyed_01_M 2048x2048
T_SandbagWallDestroyed_01_NormalOM 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallEnd_01_Albedo 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallEnd_01_M 2048x2048
T_SandbagWallEnd_01_NormalOM 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallLong_01_Albedo 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallLong_01_M 2048x2048
T_SandbagWallLong_01_NormalOM 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallLong_02_Albedo 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallLong_02_M 2048x2048
T_SandbagWallLong_02_NormalOM 4096x4096
T_SandbagWallDetail_01_Normal 512x512
T_SandbagWallDetailDirt_01_Albedo 512x512
T_SandbagWallDetailDirt_01_Normal 512x512
T_SandbagWallThreds_01_Albedo_A 512x512
Engine Compatibility: 4.14.3 - 4.15
Intended Platform: All
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes: Wetness amount can be adjusted on an individual material instance basis or globally through a material parameter collection in the level Blueprint.