Rural Australia

Australia-themed asset pack

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.
VIDEO: Content ShowcaseVIDEO: 'Memories of Australia'*

*'Memories of Australia' utilises, but is not limited to, the content in this pack. Refer to the Content Showcase and Technical Information for an accurate depiction of the content included.


Use the required custom DefaultEngine.ini config file from the download below (choose the correct engine version) to enable, disable, and tweak certain features that are required for the project to function visually and technically as expected. Right Click on the chosen 'Download Here' link below and choose 'Save Link As', then save the DefaultEngine.ini file in to your project Config folder (for example C:\Users\username\Documents\Unreal Projects\RuralAustralia\Config\), overwriting the DefaultEngine.ini that already exists. Restart the editor and wait for the project to rebuild.

UE4 - DefaultEngine.ini: DOWNLOAD HERE

UE5 - DefaultEngine.ini: DOWNLOAD HERE

A collection of high quality, optimised, photogrammetry based content, authentically captured on location in Australia. Including a range of realistic trees to rock walls, this content pack gives you the opportunity to construct beautifully accurate representations of rural Australian country roads and remote river canyons. All content is optimised towards standard video game specifications, with LODs, simplified shaders, and does not rely on expensive solutions or features to achieve highly realistic visuals - with the intent of being suitable for games, virtual productions, or other real-time applications. Just be careful where you step!

  • High quality, optimised, photogrammetry based Australia assets
  • Example maps including a procedurally populated 1x1 km landscape, along with a country road, and river canyon
  • Landscape setup with multiple materials and procedurally scattered foliage
  • Props such as signs, fence, and road surface to distribute with ease via splines
  • Includes a link within the project files to download high resolution textures for the nature assets (up to 8k)
  • Maps: 4
  • Trees: 10
  • Logs: 4
  • Rocks: 5
  • Rock Walls: 4 (+4 variations)
  • Ridges: 3 (+5 variations)
  • Scatter: 34
  • Ground Materials: 5
  • Landscape Materials: 1
  • Water Materials: 1
  • Props: 9
Important Notes
  • Use the custom DefaultEngine.ini (download at the top of the page) to run with the required features and settings, placed in your Unreal project Config folder.
  • If creating a new level, set ContactShadowLength in the DirectionalLight to 0.04. All content relies on this value for Contact Shadow quality.
  • To edit Procedural Foliage volumes you need to first enable the feature in Editor Preferences.
  • If working towards tighter performance limitations, a significant performance boost (at the sacrifice of some image quality) can be achieved by editing the DefaultEngine.ini file above to set r.TemporalAA.Algorithm=0 and r.SSGI.Enable=False.
  • RayTracing is not compatible with this project without a few shader changes, due to RayTracing not working in combination with PixelDepthOffset, of which the content relies heavily on for overall quality. If you would like to run with RayTracing, you will need to remove all connections to PixelDepthOffset in the root of each base shader within the Preset folder, but should expect the quality of content to be reduced.

Updates Changelog

13 Sep, 2023

  • Project is now compatible with Unreal Engine 5.3.

11 Jun, 2023

  • Project is now compatible with Unreal Engine 5.2.

17 Jan, 2023

  • Project is now compatible with Unreal Engine 5.1.

18 Jul, 2022

  • Project is now compatible with Unreal Engine 5.

22 Apr, 2021

  • Fixed black flickering geometry (when not using the custom DefaultEngine.ini) related to RotateAboutAxis in MF_Wind.
  • Reordered MF_Wind external parameters in order for turning features on or off to be sequential.
  • Added descriptive comments to each command line in the custom DefaultEngine.ini (

Technical Details

Unique Meshes: 85

Collision: Yes (automatically generated, capsules for trees)

Vertex Count: ~18000/7000/2000/8 (L), ~5000/1000/200/20 (M), ~55/2 (S)

LODs: Yes (1-5 levels. Tree billboards)

Materials: 127

Textures: 129

Texture Resolutions: 128x128 - 8192x8192. ~4096x4096

Platforms Tested: PC Windows