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RPG Music Bundle - Volume 4

Phat Phrog Studios - Music - Apr 10, 2024
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Forge unforgettable journeys for your players with this comprehensive collection of captivating RPG soundtracks!

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    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.
Embark on Epic Adventures with "RPG Music Bundle: Volume 4"!

Forge unforgettable journeys for your players with this comprehensive collection of captivating RPG soundtracks! "RPG Music Bundle: Volume 4" brings together four diverse, royalty-free albums at a discounted price, saving you nearly $30 compared to buying them individually.

Awaken the Adventurer Within:

  • Regal Knight (8 Tracks): Soaring orchestral arrangements and powerful percussion build a sense of heroism and chivalry, perfect for noble quests, castle interiors, and triumphant moments.
  • Eternal Guardian (8 Tracks): Haunting melodies and ethereal textures create an atmosphere of mystery and forgotten lore, ideal for ancient ruins, forgotten dungeons, and encounters with guardians.
  • Arcane Throne (8 Tracks): Mystical and enchanting compositions evoke a sense of arcane power, perfect for magical academies, wizard towers, and moments of spellcasting.
  • Dragons Calling (8 Tracks): Epic orchestral arrangements and heart-pounding percussion capture the awe and danger of dragons, ideal for dramatic confrontations, volcanic landscapes, and dragon lairs.

Why Choose "RPG Music Bundle: Volume 4"?

  • Genre-Specific Focus: Each album caters to a distinct RPG subgenre, ensuring you have the perfect soundtrack to elevate every location, character, and situation within your game.
  • Emotional Depth & Immersion: Expertly crafted music evokes a wide range of emotions, from wonder and exploration to danger and triumph, drawing players deeper into your world.
  • Seamless Integration: Tracks seamlessly transition, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay immersion.
  • Royalty-Free License: Use these tracks freely in your projects without additional fees.
  • Cost Savings: This bundle offers a significant discount compared to purchasing the albums individually (Save nearly $30!).

Perfect for:

  • Game Developers: Immerse your players in a world of wonder and adventure with these captivating RPG soundtracks, enhancing their experience.
  • Content Creators: Set the mood for your RPG live streams and video content with rich, atmospheric music, creating an engaging experience for your viewers.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your RPG's soundscape! Get the "RPG Music Bundle: Volume 4" for just $49.99 and start crafting epic adventures today!


RPG Music Bundle - Volume 4:

Music Previews.

Regal Knight:

Music Preview 1:

Music Preview 2:

Eternal Guardian:

Music Preview 1:

Music Preview 2:

Arcane Throne:

Music Preview 1:

Music Preview 2:

Dragons Calling:

Music Preview 1:

Music Preview 2:


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Technical Details

Sample rate / bit rate: (44,100 Hz)

Do Sound FX loop: (No)

Number of tracks: 32

Number of cues: 32

Minutes of audio provided: 72 Minutes - 1 Hour & 12 Minutes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)