Rotating Space Station Template

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Rotating Wheel Space Station Template

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0
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    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.


Video of the packaged version

Demo of the packaged version

First presentation video


UE 5.02: We are uploading the Ue 5.02 dedicated version (06/30/2022) on the Marketplace. It fixes an issue when opening the project with 5.02 that was caused by a UMG widget using a structure variable exposed on spawn.

  • Use this if you don't like the physics of gravity boots, you can create any type of station, with your assets and let the blueprint create the looping wheel with these static meshes.
  • Complete Template, drag and drop 2 blueprints (the space station and the skysphere) plus a player start and you can generate the station and press play.
  • Can be used with any Character class, you need to add an actor component and everything will go automatically
  • The space station blueprint can be used as master blueprint to generate child blueprints so you can have an entire fleet ready to be used in any map
  • You don't need curved static meshes to create a station and you can use any static mesh you want.
  • Every static mesh can be replaced in seconds, if you want to create an alien ship, for example, you just need to replace the static meshes and we worked to make this as simple and quick as possible.
  • In the curved looping sectors all the interiors props are automatically aligned to the floor but they keep the Z initial rotation. All these static meshes are instanced static meshes using a hierarchically instanced static mesh component
  • All lights, sounds and particles are created only on demand to minimize performance impacts
  • The Skysphere blueprint is basically a planetarium, with circular orbits to simulate the motion of the station orbiting around the planet and can be used to create complex systems with many planets and moons.
  • You can have objects orbiting another object that orbits around the location you want in space, using the SkySphere
  • Directional light and skylight are included in the skysphere to be correctly positioned. The project is made to use dynamic lights only
  • There's an automatic minimap system that will show the player location from top, with an orthographic camera
  • The system is very efficient and handles everything, static meshes, lights, sounds, player spawn, minimap, particles system (also niagara).
  • There are blueprints that can be used also as standalone: an airlock, an elevator, a drone and a sliding door with changeable doors
  • You can build any type of cargo module with any shape or length, the space station will adapt to the new size.
  • Create interiors using a blueprint, just manually placing static meshes and the space station will snap them to the looping ring floor as hierarchically instanced static meshes.
  • Includes a drivable drone, a complete vehicle that can be used to explore the outside of the station
  • You can add as many rings and connectors you want (but check your target hardware requirements) If you want something light you can use just two modules per ring and 3 connectors
  • Includes 4 example premade Stations, from small to extralarge so you can experiment the better configuration in order to have a good framerate for any target project
  • Includes 4 different skysphere child blueprints: Earth and Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars orbits
  • The project packages without problems for windows 64 bits
  • The project supports Unreal Engine 5 as it is but we will release a specific version for Ue5 as soon as it comes available for download.
  • The project supports RTX
  • You only need 1 custom object channel (default ignore) to be added to your host project in order to migrate the template
  • Includes almost 1000 textures (mostly 4k and 2k) and about 140 static meshes
  • Everything was made to be customized as you want, you can easily replace any static mesh in every blueprint
  • The default character movement is the same and you don't need a special character movement. Can also work with complex movement system since the character only moves in a specific area. It can also support an AI system (we will add a tutorial to show how to implement it but the template is already configured to have a dynamic navmesh and invokers)
  • Can be used for a game or for an opening scene, sequences
  • Can be used with world composition
  • All blueprints are commented and clear to read
  • We have a customer service always available to

Technical Details


The template is complete with everything you can see in the video or the playable demo:

  • Materials: 31 (we use standard materials and a lot of instances so it's easier to modify them)
  • Material Instances 350
  • Static Meshes: 140, average poly count 40k 4 lods (many big static meshes uses complex collision

Props static meshes: 35, Station Static Meshes: 70, other static meshes: 10, Planets and space static meshes: 14

  • Textures: 1000 mostly 4k, props are 2k (Diffuse Normal Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion usually)
  • All textures are made using Substance Painter (TM) by Adobe(TM)
  • 3D Models are made using Maya LT 2020
  • Sound Cue: 38

Number of Blueprints: about 70:

  • BP_SpaceStation
  • BP_Cargo_Master
  • BP_Hub_Module
  • BP_SkySphere
  • BP_Airlock
  • BP_Elevator
  • BP_Illumination_Actor
  • BP_Sliding Door Master
  • BP_InfoPanel
  • BP_Holo Screen

Input: Mouse and keyboard

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64 bits (untested on other platforms)


Important/Additional Notes:

  • Credits to NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio for the Earth and planets basic textures
  • The project is made to be used with dynamic lights
  • The project is designed to be used with a good hardware due to texture size and the overall amount of objects, lights etc
  • As usual we tested everything but we are also here to listen for suggestion so feel free to contact us to