Music packs Bundle (Dark calm Happy Relaxation)

Meraj Melody - Music - Sep 22, 2022
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This package contains soundtracks for all types of games Beautiful piano, violin, synthesizer, pads. Also added a dark music pack and an epic music pack

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    4.27, 5.0
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.


Made with a relaxing vibe, beautiful piano, and tiny synthesizer violin. Removed Harsh Frequency So it does not interface with in-game SFX sound.

(DARK_HAPPY_CHILL) tracks are all in the package]

Total original track:- 18 (Total track Minute combination- 80 Minutes) ( will add a new track weekly for free)

All tracks are composed by me

My artist profile:- Meraj Melody


(Relaxation_Music_packs) {folder}

Main_Music_pack_LOOP {folder}

1) Calm Sea (BPM 63.000, D# Major)

2) Invisible Jungle (118.014, E Minor)

3) New Day (BPM 40.100, F Major scale)

4) Calm Galaxy (BPM 64.000, D Major Scale)

5) Lost Kingdom (BPM 79.000, C Minor Scale)

6) Forest walk (BPM 97.00, E Major Scale)

7) Final Goodbye (BPM 90.00, E Minor Scale)

8) Calm forest.wav

(I will add more tracks in the future)

(Dark Relaxation Soundtrack) {folder}

1) Fallen Sky (BPM 80.00, G# Minor Scale)

2) Dark Castle (BPM 79.00, C# Minor scale)

3) New Castle (BPM 55.999, F Minor Scale)

4) WAV_Dark Land.wav (BPM 80.00, G Minor Scale)

5)WAV_Inspiration.wav (BPM 80.00, C# Minor Scale)


7) WAV_Unknown.wav

8) WAV_Dark Corner.wav

(I will add more tracks in the future)

(Epic Relaxation Music) {folder} ( composed with big cinematic drums ) special

1) WAV_I_want_to_live.wav - with big drums

2) WAV_I_want_to_live.wav - without big drums

These audio have the rights to be fully used in a commercial project ( game trailer or in-game music )

Also, I added a stems/instrumental track in this package


(Stems_Loop) {folder}

(Calm_Sea_loop) {folder}

1) Calm Sea 63.wav

2) Calm Sea strings 63 BPM Fixed.wav

(Invisible_Jungle_stems_LOOP) {folder}

1) Manual Harmony 118.014 BPM.wav

2) Only Piano 118.014 BPM.wav

3) Soft orc 118.014 BPM.wav

4) Strings 118.014 BPM.wav ( LOOP PROBLEM)

(Lost kingdom stems loop) {folder}

1) Only Piano loop 79 BPM.wav

2) Strings loop 79 BPM.wav ( LOOP PROBLEM)

(New_day_stems_loop) {folder}

1) Distant sea 40.100 BPM.wav

2) KBD sakura dan 40.100 BPM.wav

3) Only Piano 40.100 BPM.wav

(Dark_Castle_Stems_LOOP) {folder}

1) Corner 79.000 BPM.wav

2) Piano First Hook 79.000 BPM.wav

3) Piano Second Hook 79.000 BPM.wav

4) Soft plucks 79.000 BPM.wav

5) Strings 79.000 BPM.wav ( LOOP PROBLEM)


  1. Only_Piano_loop_79_BPM.wav
  2. Strings_loop_79_BPM.wav ( LOOP PROBLEM)

(inspiration stems Loop)

1)Only Piano.wav


3) Synth Violin.wav

(Dark Land Stems Loop)

1)A Guitar 80 BPM.wav

2)Agres Srings.wav

3)Feel The Tension .wav

4)Piano chord Hard 80.wav

(Calm Galaxy) {Coming Soon}

(Fallen Sky) {Coming Soon)

I Will add my latest composed music to this package for free.

Rember that my soundtrack is fully open for any kind of commercial games or commercial projects with a lifetime license.

it is forbidden to resale my soundtrack to the marketplace, but you can sell my soundtrack with your 100% complete games (add-on) on steam AND epic game market as an mp3.(only)

(only gamers and fans can use that music for non-commercial purposes)

Technical Details

Number of Audio Waves: 43

Number of Audio Cues: 43

Instrumental track (stems): Available

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz (for Main tracks) 16 BIT

Sample rate / bit rate: 48,000 HZ (for stems track) 16 BIT

Does music loop: Yes

Minutes of audio provided: (2.30 Min to 6 Min)

  1. Calm Galaxy.wav (6.45 MIN)
  2. Calm Sea.wav (4:20 MIN)
  3. Invisible Jungle.wav (6.14)
  4. Lost Kingdom.wav (6.28 MIN)
  5. New day.wav (5.11 MIN)
  6. Fallen sky.wav (5.00 MIN)
  7. Dark Castle.wav (3.20 MIN)
  8. New Castle.wav ( 2.25 MIN)
  9. WAV_Inspiration.wav (4.48 MIN)
  10. WAV_Dark Land.wav (6.24 MIN)
  11. WAV_I_want_to_live.wav (3.13 MIN)
  12. WAV_I_want_to_live_NOdrum.wav (3.13 MIN)
  13. WAV_Forest_walk.wav (3.27)
  14. WAV_Final_Good_bye.wav (4.16)
  15. WAV_Dark Corner.wav (3.54)
  16. WAV_Unknown.wav (4.48)
  17. WAV_EVIL RISEN.wav (3.16)
  18. WAV_Calm forest.wav

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes.