Realistic Animated Rock Pigeon Low-poly 3D model

holylights01 - Mar 4, 2021

Hyper Realistic Animated Rock Pigeon Low Poly Model With The Realistic Animations.

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Hyper-Realistic Animated Rock Pigeon Low Poly Model With Realistic Animations.

please take a look at the videos below:

rendered animations:

testing in Unreal:

Technical Details

high-resolution (4k) PBR textures

   Diffuse map

   Normal map

   Ambient Occlusion map

   Specular map

   Roughness map

14 different animations.

list of the animations and the frames(30 fps):

   Taking Off (1-62)

   Loop Flight (63-102)

   Landing (103-169)

   Loop Walking (170-233)

   Start Eating (235-256)

   Loop Eating (257-407)

   Stop Eating (408-421)

   Idle1: Looking Around (422-542)

   Idle2: Cleaning its wing (543-728)

   Idle3: Cleaning itself (729-852)

   Idle4: Yawning (853-907)

   Idle5: Scratching head with foot (908-1071)

   Idle6: Stretching Wings (1072-1161)

   Beating (1162-1182)

please contact me if you need more.