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Quest Game Sound Effects

ESM Team - Sound Effects - Apr 2, 2018
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A King's ransom of premium quality AAA game-ready sound effects. Stand your ground and behold Quest Game FTW!

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.15 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Audio Demo

Video Demo

Join us on an epic journey across the fields of Rohan to the great Misty Mountains to discover the perfect alchemy of Quest Game. An entirely new collection of sound effects for building your own immersive world of fantasy gameplay, action, and adventure. Quest Game is a king’s ransom of premium quality AAA game ready sound effects that turn the tides in your favor.

Get loot crates and treasures chests to reward your players, an empowering allotment of sliding and moving gears and mechanisms, character equipment pickups and placements, menu selects, unlocks, positive rewards and achievements, footstep and foley SFX on cobblestone, forest grass, brick walkway, tavern wood floor.

Ambient background and nature loops are over an hour of sound by themselves and make this collection a powerful tool and a certifiable best value. Get undead magic, elemental spell sounds, game action effects like crafting, harvesting, jumps, haunted crypts, dungeon wind & more.

Quest Game is everything you need to tell your epic story in sound and completely outfit a full-featured MMO, RPG, mobile, app, console or platform style game.

  • 1314 Game Ready Audio Assets
  • 4.86Gb of Samples
  • Over 2 hours and 43 minutes of Game Audio
  • 47 Alerts and Notification Blasts, Chimes, Cinematic Drum Impacts, Rings & more
  • 49 Designed Game Ambience Loops like Haunted Crypts, Dungeon Wind, Undead City, Royal Chamber, Elven Outpost, Orc Base
  • 70 Nature Ambience Loops - Water, Ocean, Streams, Creeks, Rivers, Fountains, Trickles, Waterfall, Forest, Wind, Rain & Thunder

Technical Details

  • 131 Game Crafting Loot, Weapons, Armor, Enchants, Undead Material, Items, Bottles, Potions, Harvest, Plants, Mineral Ore, Jugs, Goo, 
  • 80 Designed Stone Deep Impacts, Hits, Avalanche, Thunder Claps, Debris, Slides, and Movement
  • 63 Doors and Chests, Gem Stash, Metal Crates, Wood Trap Doors, Opens, Closes, Unlocks & More
  • 163 Jumps and Footsteps on Grass, Cobblestone, Concrete, Brick, Gravel 
  • 94 Game Actions - Gear Bags, Forge Anvils, Paper Scrolls, Books & More
  • 235 Magic Spells, Hits, Casts, Conjures, Items, Healing, Whooshes, Reveals, Shimmer, Beacons, Poofs, Explosions, Loot, Fire, Undead, Earth, 
  • 150 Secret Mechanisms, Gears, Hinges, Wood Opens, Turns, Latches, Castle Gate Cranks, Clunks, Metal Padlocks, Locks, Dials, Rotates, Slides and Movement
  • 116 Tribal Hits, UI, Notifications, Percussive Touches, Collects, Clicks, Taps, Hits, Bells, Shakers, Switches & more
  • 104 UI Menu Navigations, Inventory Placement, Equipment Slots, Auction House Coins, Exchanges, Keys, Bass Buttons, Crafting Pops, Clicks, Levers, Knocks

Number of Audio Waves: 1316

Number of Audio Cues: 1316

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs

Do Sound FX loop: Yes - Ambiences loops

Minutes of audio provided: 163 m

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Oculus, SteamVR / HTC Vive, Gear VR, Linux, HTML5,

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Oculus, SteamVR / HTC Vive, Gear VR, Linux, HTML5,

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