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Procedural Vehicles - Sedan

Yarrawah Interactive - Apr 15, 2021

Generate infinite interactable sedan variations with flexible, procedurally generated blueprint actors!

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.22 - 4.26
  • Download Type
    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

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Quick Start

PDF Documentation - Highly recommended

Discord - Need assistance? Send me a message!

Email -


Teaser Trailer


BP_Drivable - 1.2 Upgraded Driving Update

BP_Interactable + Editor Optimizations (1500+ interactive vehicles, 120fps demonstration)

Proxy texture generation + adding new materials

Coming soon . . .

  • Integrating the vehicle interaction with your character controller
  • Integrating character controller switching between vehicle and player


1.2 28/04/2021 - Major Update

  • BP_Drivable now has advanced driving, with suspension, animation, lights, sounds and particles. Watch the video for a full overview of features.

1.1 22/04/2021 - Minor Update

  • Added 6 event buttons to BP_Interactable
  • The randomization is now an event-based button on the actor instead of construction based
  • Vehicles will only rebuild/randomize when you tell them too, this prevents BP_Interactable from randomizing each time you reload the levels
  • Multiple small bug fixes

Road Map

This product will continue to receive updates and other vehicle assets are actively being worked on to help provide you with all of the content you need for your survival game!

April (This month)

  • Planned update #1: An advanced, fully drivable, and animated vehicle blueprint


  • A separate Ute, Hatchback and Van asset will be released
  • Planned update #2: Clean Textures (Currently only rusted and mossy variations are included)
  • Planned Update #3: Glass will be destructible, have particle effects and sound effects
  • Planned Update #4: Multiplayer replication and cleanup


This asset is filled with a lot of features, some obvious, some not so obvious. I highly recommend reading the documentation and watching the videos to fully understand the scope of this asset.

  • Advanced Drivable Blueprint
  • Fully rigged
  • Procedural Vehicle Blueprints that work with Foliage Actors for instanced, dynamic, interactable vehicles
  • Destructible (side mirrors, antenna, wipers)
  • Rapidly generate new variations in a single click
  • Infinite variations
  • Over 70 exposed procedural parameters
  • Fully customizable paint jobs - Custom Albedo Masks
  • Foliage and Moss Simulations - Simulations have been run in third-party software and imported into Unreal for realistic moss and leaf coverage. (22 unique foliage meshes and 20 shared foliage meshes per vehicle)
  • Easily Expandable Proxy Mesh System
  • Custom hand-modeled simplified collision meshes for each part
  • Hand-made and calibrated LOD's and single draw-call proxy meshes
  • Animated, sound effects, particles - Game-ready and optimized!

Procedural Vehicle Generation

Produce near-infinite vehicle variations with the custom BP_Interactable blueprint. It includes over 70 exposed parameters giving you complete control over the asset. The generation is done via two event buttons on the actor, allowing you to rapidly prototype and draft your levels by generating new variations with the click of a button.

Foliage Tools and Integration

In Unreal Engine 4.25 above, the new Foliage Actor component is leveraged allowing you to paint and procedurally generate interactable vehicles into your map. This allows for rapid prototyping and can be useful for populating long stretches of highway, junkyards, etc.

Game Ready and Animated

This asset is game-ready. It has seamless timeline animations, sound effects, particles, functional and bug-tested blueprints, and extreme care has been taken with the optimization, allowing you to have hundreds of interactable vehicles spread over your map with no drop in frame rate. This level of optimization is achieved by using a proxy mesh that is swapped in at a distance that instances with other vehicles and costs only a single draw call. Careful consideration has been made when balancing the triangle count and draw calls. More information can be found in the .pdf documentation.

Drivable - Custom Skeleton and Skeletal Mesh

An advanced drivable demo is included. It includes sound effects, an animated odometer/RPM meter and animated gear stick changes. The steering wheel, tires, boot, hood, and doors are all animated as well. Basic particles and engine sounds are included. The brake lights also work. A fully rigged Skeletal Mesh version of the vehicle is included. It has a custom skeleton and includes bones for:

  1. Each Individual Wheel
  2. Each Individual Door
  3. Steering Wheel
  4. Gear Stick
  5. Boot
  6. Hood

Instanced Dynamic Meshes

Custom blueprint functions have been created to seamlessly swap instanced static meshes, with movable static meshes. This allows you have to hundreds of vehicles while maintaining a reasonable number of draw-calls. This also allows for some parts of the vehicle to be destructible e.g. the side mirrors, windscreen wipers, and antenna. All of these dynamic meshes are cleaned up at a user-defined distance. More information can be found in the .pdf documentation.

All LOD's are made by hand and each LOD screen size is adjusted for the best results. Advanced master materials are used providing fuzzy shading on the moss, and a cinematic/hero quality option is included for Mosh Foliage, though this can be expensive and should be used cautiously.

Interior and Bonuses

A high detailed interior is included. The bottom/base of the car also has a high level of detail, and a detailed engine is also included. Flat tire variations are included and tires can be removed completely with 3D suspension and axles being visible. These vehicles will look good from any angle, inside out or upside down. They are highly modular and highly detailed.


Mesh simulations are done outside of Unreal and imported allowing each vehicle to be uniquely cluttered with over 15 different leaf clutter variations and 7 cinematic quality mossy coverage variations.

Sound Effects and Particles

Sound effects are included for the lootable interactions. The doors will creak and slam shut. The leaves will flutter as they fall away when you open the boot. Each sound is configured with basic attenuation and 3D settings for convincing results when interacting with the vehicles.

Smart Actors

These actors can detect player distance, use almost no resources when idle, and clean up after themselves. Not only that but there is logic in the construction script that will prevent doors from opening when they shouldn't or leaves from spawning when they shouldn't. This product has gone through extensive testing to ensure no undesirable generation or clipping will occur when producing new variations.

Technical Details

Number Plates

Intentionally left blank. You can modify the texture, or attach your own model to suit your game's world!


Please contact me on discord or at if you need any support, I am always available to help.

Technical Features:

  •  BP_Interactable (Main blueprint for interactable vehicle placement)
  • Animations, Sound Effects, and Particles add an extra layer of polish to these vehicles!
  •  BP_Drivable
  •  BP_FirstPersonCharacter (Basic FPS character that has been modified to send interaction events to the vehicle)
  • Five Demo Maps

Number of Unique Meshes: 42 static mesh foliage components, 31 static mesh vehicle components, 1 skeletal mesh

Skeleton/Rigged: Custom skeleton

Collision: Yes, Custom/Automatically Generated

Vertex Count:

  1. Per Vehicle Average: 50,000-60,000 triangles LOD0 to 489 Single Drawcall Proxy Mesh
  2. Cinematic Moss: 469,000 to 5,000. With instancing and aggressive culling these can be used in game, but they should be reserved for Hero Objects, Cinematics, or used with caution. All other assets/components are lightweight, this is included as a bonus for those who would like it.

LODs: Yes, made by hand

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 7 Master, 1 Material Function, 28 Instances

Number of Textures: 49

Texture Resolutions: 4k for most textures, 1k for proxy meshes

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes