Procedural Trash Placer

Ammobox Studios - Blueprints - Jun 16, 2015
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A semi-automated physics-based system to sprinkle trash in your game.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.7 - 4.26
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Procedural Trash Placer is a Blueprint/Asset Combo pack. Surround yourself with useless trash with our new Blueprint system. Sprinkle your game with rusted, broken, and torn goodness of urban wastage.

A special virtual gift of garbage hamper (as seen in screenshots) is provided with each purchase. There is no better way to celebrate your first world problems by extending them to your virtual worlds.

Make Christmas come early this year with overflowing joy of trash-filled gifts for your game developers.

FREE Updates Included since launch

Update 3 Changes (watch the Video):
With this new major update. We are adding more assets, and new texture sets as FREE UPDATE.
- You can now delete / move instance realtime during spawning process.
- On the fly spawning is now working again.
- New Mesh Pack ( added trash )

Update 2 Changes :
- Added TrashCompress feature feature
- you can now enable / disable collision for objects appropriately.

Technical Details

The Blueprint-built system enables you to realistically place trash in your environment with the help of physics. This system utilizes UE4's Simulate capability and Physics to allows realtime placement. Any staticmesh can be used in the setup as long as they have collision. Placed trash can then be baked into InstancedMesh with much lower performance costs.

The screenshots show 375 instances of trash mesh (totalling 17 types shown).
Both Dynamic/Static lighting is supported.
A collection of high quality PBR-adjusted assets is provided together with the atlas texture allowing you to construct more trash.
A set of 20 high-quality asset trash with PBR-adjusted atlas texture has also been included.

Usage Instruction:
1. Place ObjectPlacer Blueprint . Setup , the data in ObjectSetup
2. Start Simulate Game
3. Move SpawnPoint widget to place you intend to spawn object.
4. Activate Spawning using Blutility
( DO NOT Stop Simulate until told so )
5. When done spawning . use Blutility to activate BAKE TRASH
6. Trash will disappear , this is normal, go to Baked Mesh Data ( right click , Copy )
7. Now , STOP SIMULATE. Then paste the BakeMeshData into itself ( same property)
8. Trash will re-appear after pasting as InstancedMesh.