Procedural Climbing with Control Rig

Adam Isme - Blueprints - Feb 20, 2024

Climbing logic in Character Blueprint, Anim Graph, and Control Rig animation. Driven by logic, no climbing animations needed!

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Using control rig logic, this set of Blueprints can enable great looking, lifelike movement while climbing. Using no animations, the control rig finds full body placement using the power of the Full Body IK. This works great for quick level design as the logic can adapt quite well to natural environs. *****Works best with rounded edges or obtuse angles! Will get strange results with spikes, holes or deep cracks in the terrain, or angles sharper than 100 degrees!***** Contents include a Character Blueprint for the movement around world actors, an Animation Blueprint that makes use of variables set from the default Third Person Character from Unreal Engine, and the control rig itself. Entirely done in Blueprints, no C++. I've included comments in the blueprints for anyone interested in learning control rig and have also included multiple methods I've learned to help those that want to use this for that purpose.

Technical Details


  •  Character Blueprint for movement logic
  •  Updated Anim Graph
  •  Control Rig for natural and adaptive movement while climbing.
  • Includes interactive hand reaching and falling foot placement in control rig.

Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): Control Rig directly ties with root movement.

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Demo Video: (2) Climbing With CR V1 2 - YouTube

Climbing with Control Rig V2.0 Update: Climbing With Control Rig V2.0 (

Demo Video V2.1: (1) Climbing With CRV2.1 - YouTube

Climbing with control rig tutorial video is here in this link: (2) Climbing with Control Rig Tutorial - YouTube

Important/Additional Notes: Setting up is easy. Simply copy logic from the BP_ThirdPersonCharacterClimb character blueprint (Do not forget the "Climb Trace" function logic), and the AnimGraph logic, including event graph. Make rules for going into climbing from Main States in your animation blueprint. Will always default when exiting climbing for simple rule settings. Or just simply use provided character with logic already in place.