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Procedural City Creator Tools

The Procedural City Creator is a suite of tools developed entirely in Unreal Engine 5 to generate true scale optimized city, a close up comparison, is like having the Matrix Awaken City Generator but all inside Unreal, no third party plugins needed.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.1 - 5.3
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.
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Coming features: Interactive PCC first look | ( iPCC Docs | iPCC Videos)

PCC Update release note (Last update 17-06-23)

Our Procedural City Creator aka PCC is complete suite of tools for generating ultra realistic city environments using your own assets, for instance like the Matrix Awakens city. PCC features several tool for generating road newtork, road props, river, real world buildings shape and more. Because PCC is multi process generation, it allows you to design, tweak and customize each stage of the generation without loosing any artistic control and do not requires crazy processing power.

  • With PCC you can design roads, streets, buildings, cars, parking, props and any aspect of the city with your own custom meshes from A to Z.

  • PCC allows you to use your premade building meshes like from Kitbash or generate a full building from your modular meshes like from Quixel using its built-in Grammar based Procedural Building Generator and by allowing to mix premade and procedurally generated buildings as you wish.

  • PCC supports car parking generation and Props spawning in any arbritrary area to give detail to your city, from small to big scale. On top of that all PCC modules can be used in standalone mode to quickly generate small portion of environment or any hero space, making it versatile in most case.

  • PCC is heavly optimized to generate city using instanced Static Mesh component out of box, allowing for massive boost in perfomance in case of Nanite, Virtual Shadows maps and Lumen both Hardware and Software. Also PCC has built in editor widget for further optimisation and to automatically regroup generated actors into Data Layers allowing to create enourmus cities without having to suffer from performance issue in editor.

Showcase video (Youtube)

Generate venice city in less than 3 min (Youtube 4K)

Do you want to take a look at a generated city level in the engine before you buy? click on the link!

[Before you start the tutorials, open the documentation and do everything listed in II-Prerequisites/Setup Section]

0- PCC Documentation (Text)

1- Learn city generation basics (Youtube)

2- Learn how to set up and use your own assets (Youtube)

3- Learn how to create procedural Buildings (Youtube)

4- Tutorial contents (file)

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Technical Details


  •  Generate a true scale and optimised cities in minutes
  • Full and detailled documentation and videos tutorials
  •  Full Artistic control
  • Use your own assets
  • Advanced City Spawning
  •  Each modules can be used in standalone mode and independently of each other
  • Multi stage generation
  • Design any buildings shape
  • Grammar based Building generations

Number of Blueprints: 20 cores blueprints included

Number of Meshes: 601

Number of Textures: 155

Number of Materials: 134

Supported Development Platforms: All Unreal supported development platforms

Link to PCC Documentation

Important Note: Enable Plugins listed in Documentation before any use.

Important Note 2: All the city images you see, is from the tutorials covered inside the documentation/videos, by following the tutorials, you will be able to reproduce it and by doing so learn the basics of PCC.

Important Note 3: the project contains two folders: ProceduralCityCreator and ProceduralBuildingGenerator

Disclaimer: The assets can take a bit of time to load for the first time due to shaders compilation

Disclaimer 2: Project contains soul city assets from Epic and is used for demo purpose