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Porttown offers an unparalleled collection of assets to create an authentic medieval harbor town.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.24 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Welcome to Porttown, the ultimate asset collection for creating a stunning and immersive medieval harbor town. Perfectly capturing the essence of a bustling coastal settlement, Porttown offers everything you need to build a rich and vibrant environment. With its diverse geographical features, this collection brings to life the dramatic landscapes and intricate details of a bygone era.

Unmatched Environment Assets:

Imagine your players exploring a world with:

- Distant Snow-Capped Mountains

- Rolling Hills and Dense Forests

- Gigantic Rock Caves

- An Endless, Majestic Sea

- A Bustling Harbor with Grand Medieval Ships

- Towering Lighthouses on the Shore

- A Picturesque Medieval Town Center

This enchanting town center is adorned with:

- Inns

- Hotels

- Residences

Each asset is optimized for peak performance, featuring both custom and auto-generated collisions and LODs. This ensures smooth gameplay and seamless integration into your project, regardless of its scale.

Porttown offers an unparalleled collection of assets to create an authentic medieval harbor town. Whether you're constructing a sprawling coastal city or a quaint village by the sea, Porttown provides the flexibility, detail, and quality required to make your project stand out. The extensive array of meshes, textures, and materials ensures that your environment is both captivating and realistic.

COO map file;

HDRI image is the COO map file, original; lake_pier_2k.hdr,

T_coast_sand_rocks_ao;original; coast_sand_rocks_02_ao_2k

T_coast_sand_rocks_diff;original; coast_sand_rocks_02_diff_2k

T_coast_sand_rocks_disp;original; coast_sand_rocks_02_disp_2k

T_coast_sand_rocks_nor;original; coast_sand_rocks_02_nor_dx_2k

T_coast_sand_rocks_rough;original; coast_sand_rocks_02_rough_2k

T_forest_leaves_ao;original; forest_leaves_02_ao_2k

T_forest_leaves_diffuse;original; forest_leaves_02_diffuse_2k

T_forest_leaves_disp;original; forest_leaves_02_disp_2k

T_forest_leaves_nor;original; forest_leaves_02_nor_2k

T_forest_leaves_rough;original; forest_leaves_02_rough_2k

the source website of the map; https://polyhaven.com/


Technical Details


LODs: Yes

Collision: Yes


Number of Meshes: 186,

Number of all kinds of grids:

- Buildings: 50

- Castle Stairs: 6

- Dutch Ship: 1

- Environment Elements:65

- Lighthouse: 1

- Modular Fort: 4

- Props:

 - Bed: 1

 - Bucket: 2

 - Cannon: 2

 - Chair: 1

 - Crate: 1

 - Fireplace: 1

 - Food: 11

 - Light: 10

 - Plate: 1

 - Shelf: 5

 - Stools: 4

 - Table: 6

 - Wine Barrel: 1

 - Wooden Fence: 3

 - Wooden Pier: 10

Number of Particles:3

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 92,Function;5,

Number of Textures: 283,

include; - 8x8 Textures: 4

 - 256x256 Textures: 1

 - 512x512 Textures: 3

 - 1024x512 Textures: 1

 - 1024x1024 Textures: 4

 - 2048x512 Textures: 3

 - 2048x1024 Textures: 5

 - 2048x2048 Textures: 261

 - HDRI: 1

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac