PMB-Easy Spline Platform Generator

Archimedes Game - Blueprints - Jun 13, 2024

Quickly build your scene floor or Blockout by using splines to create a platform that can be adjusted in real time, and by using splines to generate indented railings or walls

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.3 - 5.4
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Matters of use:

1, Need to open "Geometry Script" plugin first, and then import this asset file into your project!

2, during the construction process, please do not use Ctrl+Z undo function, it may cause a flash back. (Most 3D software build plugins have the same problem.)





Features: Dynamic mesh blocks are generated by the closed spline shape, and parametric attachments can be added according to the spline line: wrapping edges, walls, railings and connections between railings.

Uses: Alien Flat, Park Square and ground, urban sidewalk ground, alien room, flower bed, Blockout

Design intention: In the game we need a large number of platforms, such as squares, urban ground, etc., these shapes need to be manually modeled, in the past workflow, if the shape of these squares according to the visual effects or game content needs to be modified, especially after the addition of post attachments. So we made this platform system that can be modified in real time according to the spline, and at the same time can indent along the spline to generate the railing. Allows players to quickly build squares of various shapes. As a function of the extension, it can also be directly and quickly made of various shapes of flower beds, walkways and the like.

Implementation method: Based on the "dynamic mesh" main BP and related main functions, a large number of dynamic mesh construction functions are created. After careful design, it can be used quickly and easily with a variety of perfect functions

Platform function: According to the closed spline, the dynamic mesh body is extruded in the vertical direction, the edge can be indented inside and outside, multiple can be added, and the Boolean hole can be dug according to the shape, which is used as the ground or ceiling.

Rail function: According to the closed spline to generate a ring dynamic mesh body, can be used as a wall around the spline, can add multiple groups, can also add square or dome square doors or Windows for digging holes.

Post function: According to the closed spline path to place programmatic post or custom static grid body post, can set spacing and indentation, can also be overlaid adjustment single or shield.

Dynamic material: The PMB main material can be used to adjust the mapping, color offset, brightness, gloss and other parameters of each module in the instance in real time.

Preset function: You can store the designed style as a preset asset file for easy re-call.

Sampling function: The specified spline points can be sampled as road, arc sampling, triangle, square and circle sampling, right Angle sampling and staircase sampling.

Technical Details

Matters of use:

1, Need to open "Geometry Script" plugin, and then import this asset file into your project!

2, during the construction process, please do not use Ctrl+Z undo function, it may cause a flash back. (Most 3D software build plugins have the same problem.)

Geometric functions and architectural principles: a large number of geometric functions, geometric vertex space position evaluation algorithm, combined with the principles of architecture, splicing construction of dynamic grid body formation, has a very practical reference significance.

Easy to understand blueprint: The main blueprint contains dozens of dynamic grid body construction of homemade functions, most of which contain annotations, clear and easy to understand, easy to reuse homemade modifications.

Better performance realization: The main building components are constructed by changing the position of the vertices of the dynamic mesh body with a low number of faces, achieving the overall low number of faces, even in the case of a large number , the low number of faces is obtained, improving the performance.

Variable appearance: Railings, handrails and decorative parts can be added indefinitely, and the shape, material and position can be modified to rotate and offset the staircase into various appearance structures. The railings and decorative parts can also be replaced with custom mesh bodies.

Number of blueprints: 3

Input: keyboard, mouse

Network replication: (Yes/no) Yes

Supported development platform: windows

Windows: (Yes/no) Yes

Mac: (Yes/no) Yes