PHP RESTful Toolkit

CulturePacks - Blueprints - Apr 17, 2024

A PHP RESTful API Game Server and Blueprints Toolkit.

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    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.




  • Plugin: VaREST available and free on the marketplace.
  • Skill: Beginner PHP / Web Hosting (Setup & Development)
  • Skill: Beginner MySQL

RESTful Live Replication is suited for lobby and board game paced game loops, and others without combat replication.

Email For PHP Files Link after purchase. By default, the project will run off my demo server.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Public Documentation & Compiled Demo:

Discord: Coming Soon.

The new RESTful PHP API Game Server & Game Development Toolkit for Unreal Engine 5 offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline game development. It includes user account management capabilities such as registration, login, and logout using email, username, and password. The toolkit also provides character creation, selection, and deletion with customizable options like gender, RGB color sliders, and scale settings.

The toolkit supports lobby hosting, allowing users to create lobbies with or without passwords and a pre-lobby ready-up screen. In-game messaging is also included, with messages carrying over from the ready-up menu to the game. The API comes replicating the last (n) lobby messages, location, rotation, scale, color, body type, jumping, and unlocked effects(indicated by global values). Global values are available for counters, progression, unlockables, and general scripting.

The toolkit comes with a demo map modified from the third-person example map, featuring multiple spawns, a jump track, and blueprints tools tied to global values. An in-game menu lists buttons for resuming, options, leaving, or closing the game, depending on lobby ownership, and exiting the game. The toolkit also includes a Save Game feature that saves the last used options for each login.

Designed to be team-friendly, built keeping file sharing and scalability in mind, and is easily extendable and modifiable on both server and client sides. The toolkit is time-friendly, with a minimized setup time thanks to an easy setup script and intentionally minimized styling.

The provided lightweight PHP RESTful API Game Server also offers a live connection with a latency of 100 - 110 ms through the accessible web hosting. Keeping development and learning costs friendly.

This toolkit is a comprehensive solution for game developers looking to create immersive and interactive gaming experiences and learners looking to dive into multiplayer game development.

Technical Details

Account Register, Login & Logout: Register with email, username & password.

Character Creation, Selection, Deleting: Body, RGB Color Sliders, Scale settings.

Global Values: For Counters, Progression & Scripting.

Lobby Hosting: Create lobbies with & without passwords, pre-lobby ready up screen.

Messaging: Message in the ready up menu or in game. Messages carry over.

Replicated Examples: Rainbow, Trampoline, Low Gravity Halo.

Demo Map: Example map with multiple spawns, a jump track & global value tied tools.

In-game Menu: Resume, Options, Leave or Close, and Exit.

Options: Window Mode, Resolution, Overall Quality & VSync.

SaveGame: Account tied settings.

Team Friendly: Filesharing friendly. Easily extendable and modifiable.

Time Friendly: Minimized setup time using script and minimized styling, focusing on functional examples.

Live Connection 100-110ms: Cheap web hosting service, running a PHP RESTful API Game Server.

Replication: Messages, Location, Rotation, Scale, Color, Body Type, Animation Flags & Unlocked Effects.

MMO Style Camera/Movement

Main File Type Counts: 

Actor: 4

Enumeration: 2

Actor Component: 1

SaveGame: 1

Character: 2

GameInstance: 1

GameMode: 1

PlayerController: 1

Widget: 10

Structure: 9

Material: 2

Material Instance: 11

Static Mesh: 1 - Excluding default Third Person Character and Level assets.

Level: 2

PHP: 13