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Persistent Dynamic Materials

Bruno Xavier L - Code Plugins - Jun 12, 2019

Automatic Runtime Serialization of Dynamic Materials for Runtime Persistence.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.20 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
  • Download Type
    Engine Plugin
    This product contains a code plugin, complete with pre-built binaries and all its source code that integrates with Unreal Engine, which can be installed to an engine version of your choice then enabled on a per-project basis.

This system captures and restores all dynamic Materials of a scene with ease, for persistent game worlds and interactive ArchViz projects.

The idea is to make it feel like a “save game” system, but without using any actual save system with dependencies to the “Game World”. There’s a “Capture Snapshots” and a “Restore from Snapshots” node that can be used to save and restore all runtime Material states from a scene. The Materials must be “Dynamic Material Instances” to work. No workflow changes or changes to existing Materials are required. The target meshes just have to properly use Dynamic Material Instance(s) to make it work. The following Material Parameter types are supported:

Scalar Parameters

Vector Parameters

Texture Param2Ds


Technical Details


  • Make your virtual worlds believable with persistent environmental changes
  • Combined with Dynamic Material Instances, it's extremely simple to use

Code Modules: PMats (runtime).

Number of Blueprints: None

Number of C++ Classes: 5

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Desktops, Mobile

Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktops, Mobile

Documentation: website

Example Project: 4.26