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Peace Plaza

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Consists of 218 items from the Olympic Park World Peace Gate produced by the Korea Cultural Information Service.

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 A Platform for the common use of digital heritage resources

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It is the platform in which various products from public areas such as culture, sports, and tourism are collected and stored for common use so that people can enjoy, download, and reprocess the contents.

The Olympic Park Imbued with the Spirit of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games


The Olympic Park is a venue for civic sports, cultural activities, and leisure where the spirit of the 1988 Seoul Olympics continues to live on.




The Olympic Park, operated and managed by KSPO (Korea Sports Promotion Foundation), is a multi-complex that hosts sports, culture and leisure events in the spirit of 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. Scattered around the Olympic Park, you can see monuments commemorating the Olympics and outdoor sculptures where the spirit of the 1988 Seoul Olympics continues to breathe.



Situated around the relic of ancient Baekje, the Mongchon Fortress, are wide grass areas and the Mongchon Haeja (Artificial Moat), as well as several small and large outdoor squares including the Peace Square, which is well-arranged amidst a pleasant natural environment.



The Park also contains KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Arena), SK Handball Stadium (Olympic Fencing Gymnasium), Woori Art Hall (Olympic Weight Lifting Stadium), Olympic Hall (Muse Live), and the K-Art Hall that can hold events of various sizes. It can host any event whatsoever under a perfect ambience.



Especially, with the harmony between the 1.421 km² wide area of natural green areas and the Olympic facility structures, the Olympic Park is situated in a convenient urban location that is easily accessible by public transportation.

The venue is not only great for various competitions and concert events, but also serves as an ideal location for commercial films and movies with its beautiful background scenery.

The Olympic Park, which is operated and managed by KSPO, is a venue of civic sports, culture, and leisure that has inherited and is expanding the ideology and values of the 1988 Seoul Olympics.


Architect Kim Chung-up's work to commemorate the spirit of the Seoul Olympics

This sculpture was built in July 1988 with the design of architect Kim Jung-up, and was erected under the name of “World Peace Gate” to commemorate the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, which showed the power and skills of the Korean people to the world. Measuring 24m in height, 37m in width (front/rear), and 62m in front length (front width of wings), its beautiful and majestic appearance arouses admiration.

This work expresses the excellence of the Korean people and our spirit underlying it. The World Peace Gate emphasizes the image of flight and rise by utilizing the round curves of traditional Korean architecture.


Goguryeo mural depicting the four gods and our soul symbolized by a colonnade mask

At the bottom of the wing, which is the ceiling, Western artist Baek Geum-nam used the traditional Korean style as the main theme and painted Hyeonmu and Suzaku on the right and a blue dragon and white tiger on the left in monochrome, symbolizing the Four Gods of Goguryeo mural, and on the left and right in front of the “Gate of World Peace.” Thirty rows of masks each created by sculptor Seungtaek Lee greet visitors with their unique, humorous expressions.

Technical Details


  •  World Peace Gate
  •  Peace Plaza Props
  •  Street Face Lamp 54
  • Cloth Physics Flag 159

Number of Unique Meshes: Static Mesh 17, Skeletal Mesh 3

Collision: Yes

Vertex Count: 121~851,500

LODs: Yes, LevelArchitecture

Number of Materials and Material Instances: Material 24, Material Instance 213

Number of Textures: 366

Texture Resolutions: 1024 ~ 4096

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes