Party Monster Rumble Polyart

Dungeon Mason - May 16, 2021

Modular polyart character pack perfect for making fun party survival & brawl games

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.17 - 4.27
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Click Here for animations preview.

If you are looking for some fun characters for your next monster survival party game, this pack will be a good choice for you.

- Highly customizable with many modular parts and weapons ( 6 bodies, 10 body parts, 7 tails, 10 gloves, 15 eyes, 15 mouth and noses, 21 head parts )

- MaskTint material with 8 different color change variables provided

- Various animations(35) including in-place, root-motion animations

- Optimized for mobile games(low poly), one 512x512 atlased textures for all modular parts.

Technical Details

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic Skeleton: No

Animated: Yes

Number of Animations: 35

Animation Types: In-place and Root Motion

Number of Characters: So many combinations with modular parts and mask tint materials

Polygon(Tris) Counts of Characters: ( About 6000 Tris for a full character )

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 Materials, 5 Material Instances

Number of Textures: 5

Texture Resolutions: 512 x 512

LOD: Not included