Paintable Raining Ground Material

PureDog - Sep 22, 2020

4k PBR street concrete tile textures and a vertex paintable raining effect Material. Demo scene included.

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Inspired by Japanese streets, I created these procedural generated PBR Textures and a vertex paint Material to achieve a raining night scene environment. Demo scene is included.

Technical Details

Due to copyright, unoriginal artist assets used for Artstation demo were removed from the project before submitting to the Marketplace, pictures shown in the Marketplace page are the final assets you will get .

Demo Video:

More pics and GIF:


  • 4k PBR Textures.
  • Paintable animated raining ground Material.

Texture Size: 1k~4k 

Number of Unique Materials: 6 (Two ground Materials, two sewer cover Materials, two commercial billboard Materials)

Number of Demo Materials:5

Number of Materials Instance: 35

Number of Textures: 34 (17 exclusive textures for this material)

Number of Meshes: 32