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Galidar - Code Plugins - Oct 25, 2019

The central design of our model is an accurate and efficient description of the sea surface, based on both cutting-edge results in oceanography and advanced 3D computing techniques.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.23 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
  • Download Type
    Engine Plugin
    This product contains a code plugin, complete with pre-built binaries and all its source code that integrates with Unreal Engine, which can be installed to an engine version of your choice then enabled on a per-project basis.
Oceanology - Mathematical Wave - Network Replicated - Open World

RTX3090 Ti ( Real-Time (120FPS) performance is achieved on desktop computers and video game consoles)

Oceanology ( All scenes are included )

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  • 64 Gerstner waves computed in the vertex shader to keep hight performance
  • Surface Rendering – Caustics, Wetness, Underwater, Waterline, Foam Dinamica, Waves with mathematical Calculations, Blending with the ocean, Dynamic audio detection
  • Water Volume - in Oceanology is a Box to control physics and swimming. Multiple water volumes can be placed in a scene depending on the amount of water bodies you want to spawn and on the size of the area you wish to set swimmable and buoyant.
  • QuadTree to generate the "water plane" mesh. The big infinite Ocean is not just a "simple plain water plane" as it would cost a lot of performance. We use the QuadTree logic to optimize performance to a gameplay acceptable level.
  • Beaufort Scale - Currently Oceanology can modify and obtain different height states, Stormy waves, Medium waves, Calm waves, This behavior is based on the realism of the ocean
  • Audio System - Oceanology supports two different modes of Audio: Underwater & Waves The behavior of underwater and non-underwater detection can be checked via "Debug Enabled" perfectly.
  • Full Replication - Oceanology 5.1.6 (Current state full replication) Specially designed for online multiplayer games
  • RVT Heightmap Actor - Oceanology 5.1.6 (Current Status RVT Dynamic Heightmap) Our current version can obtain the height of the landscape in real time, Now the waves will adapt more smoothly to the landscape, Creating foam in the desired areas, masking the terrain in areas that do not need water and a ton of applications for your projects
  • Shoreline and Coastline - You can now dynamically control the shoreline foam and wave heights in the landscape.
  • Dynamic Masking - (Current Status Full Masking) We have designed a masking effect, capable of adapting to any type of mesh and landscape, It also has the ability to mask particles
  • High-performance replicated physics - The new Physics In C++ Can control the direction of the waves, The depth, the mass of the object, Creation of buoyancy points, Simple to use, You do not need difficult configurations
  • Advanced Swimming System - Currently we have replicated the swimming system with some nice effects for the user - Bubble system, Death system, More advanced animations, Stamina system, Swimming on the surface, Underwater swimming, Events to start swimming
  • Creation of Oceans and Lakes - Oceanology can generate multiple high-performance C++ actors, Easy to configure, No need for extensive experience, Easy to modify
  • Infinite or Not Infinite - The infinite related options can be found under the "Infinite" section inside the Ocean's class. Oceanology uses "origin shifting" technology to achieve the infinite ocean effect. That means the origin of the actor is being relocated as you move your camera. You can notice the effect while moving inside the editor/in-game you will see the "XY" axis of the actor is constantly changing. The "Z" axis is not affected, because the "Z" represents the water level of the Ocean.
  • Underwater - Volumetric - Real Currently Oceanology uses a real volumetric light effect, it adapts to the behavior of the ocean and the lake.
  • Underwater - Post Process - Performance - The post process-based underwater effect is less expensive than real volumetric lighting, however, it is an excellent option for games that are just starting out in the world of development. Underwater adapts to the ambient lighting,Underwater adapts to the illumination of depth,Underwater adapts to transparent objects,Underwater generates refraction and distortion,Waterline effect
  • Surface Scattering - Oceanology currently has a wide range of controls to obtain different appearances, Colors, Roughness, Reflections, Among others.
  • Open World - World Partition - We have created an open world for extensive testing, Using the latest epic games technologies (World Partition). This system is configured with virtual texture, The rocks soften with the environment, The trees and plants have an advanced wind system, The terrain is It has been calculated with HLOD and Nanite, All access includes LODS and Billboards, We use Nanite in the trees and plants, The terrain is 4033 x 4033, The ocean is configured perfectly to the terrain, You will also find high quality sounds for nature, ocean, lake, underwater, perfectly configured with advanced lighting and inspired by Forza Horizon 5
  • Multiple Collaborators - Currently Oceanology is associated with multiple products on the market, for example: Fluid Ninja, Sky Creator, NWH Dynamic Water Physics 2, Ascent Combat Framework, Swim Component, WorldScape, Dynamic Water Physics, Easy Swim Component, Easy Survival RPG v2, RPG Inventory and Interaction System, Dynamic Volumetric Sky, Ultra Dynamic Sky.
  • New - Quadtree With tessellation
  • New - Stylized Version
  • New - Lake with waves
  • New - Advanced GGX Lighting

Technical Details

Code Modules:

  • OceanologyInfiniteOceanActor
  • OceanologyLakeActor
  • OceanologyPhysicsVolumeActor
  • OceanologyRVTHeightmapActor
  • OceanologyWaterParentActor
  • OceanologyWaterVolumeActor
  • OceanologyProceduralQuadTreeComponent
  • InfiniteComponent
  • OceanAudioComponent
  • OceanBuoyancyComponent
  • OceanologyUnderwaterComponent
  • OceanSwimmingComponent
  • Oceanology_Plugin
  • Oceanology_PluginBPLibrary
  • OceanologyRuntimeSettings
  • Summarize
  • UnderwaterMode

Number of Blueprints: 13

Number of C++ Classes: 33

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows - Mac


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