Music Pack For A Viking's Revenge

CMA fvg - Jun 14, 2021
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Multi-tracks Music pack, Rpg, dark fantasy, ambient ... Composed for Adaptive music 10 HQ songs (460 Wav files 44,1 hz 24 bit, 3.52 Go)

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.25 - 4.26
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

- Viking's Revenge Music Pack - (multi-tracks, loops, stems)

All songs are composed for adaptive music. We try to make it convenient to use

This music pack is made for one entire game.

Originally made for an RPG game, but can fit well with another project

All songs got many states: exploration, fight, shop, etc... (every track are seamless loops)

What do you get when purchasing:

All songs here

-"Viking's Village life and death" - (Village part 1)

-"Main Menu"

-"Character Selection"

-"Village Of Ashes" - (Village part 2)

-"Climb Down A Snowing Mountain"

-"The Forest"

-"Cosmopolitan Village"


-"Victorious Return"

-"The Reborn Of A Viking's Village" - (Village part 3)

Let us know what you think!

For custom songs contact us

Greetings from the crew, Cmafvg.

Technical Details

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  •  10 HQ songs split into 438 Wav files
  • Pack size 3.52 Go
  • Multi-tracks + some Stingers

Number of Audio Waves: 438

Number of Audio Cues: 438

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz / 24 bit

Does music loop: Yes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Important/Additional Notes: for questions or information, contact us.