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Motion Capture Animation for Storytelling Game Vol.4 Rifle

EmotionPlayground - Animations - Sep 14, 2023
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This anim pack contains realistic mocap animations with loops for Game Production.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.0 - 5.3
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

※ Preview Video :

※ Tutorial Video (for Metahuman) :

▶ This animation pack contains realistic motion capture data for 3D games and any other 3D productions in Unreal Engine.

▶ Retargeted to

UE4 Manny(SK_Mannequin) / UE5 Manny(SKM_Manny) / Metahuman Base Skeleton(m_med_nrw_body)

▶ If you want to retarget this animation to another character like metahuman in UE5, please check 'UE5 IK Retargeter documents'.

(Link :

※ Metahuman in the images is not included in the product.

Contents :

※ Mocap Animations 20*3 = 60 (UE4 Mannequin / UE5 Manny/m_med_nrw_body)

※ Mocap Animation loops 8*3 = 24 (UE4 Mannequin / UE5 Manny/m_med_nrw_body)

(※Default hand poses are included in the product)

< Animation sequences : 20*3 UE4/UE5/MH>

Anim_Rifle_001_Front_StandingFire_Aim - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_002_Front_StandingFire_SingleShot - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_003_Front_StandingFire_RapidFire - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_004_Front_HipFire_Aim - UE4/UE5/MH4

Anim_Rifle_005_Front_HipFire_SingleShot - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_006_Front_HipFire_RapidFire - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_007_Left_StandingFire_Aim - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_008_Left_StandingFire_SingleShot - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_009_Left_StandingFire_RapidFire - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_010_Left_HipFire_Aim - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_011_Left_HipFire_SingleShot - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_012_Left_HipFire_RapidFire - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_013_Right_StandingFire_Aim - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_014_Right_StandingFire_SingleShot - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_015_Right_StandingFire_RapidFire - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_016_Right_HipFire_Aim - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_017_Right_HipFire_SingleShot - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_018_Right_HipFire_RapidFire - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_019_Idle_Comfortable - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_020_Idle_Uncomfortable - UE4/UE5/MH

★BONUS★< Interplation Animation sequences : 8*3 >

Anim_Rifle_001_Front_StandingFire_Aim_Interpolation - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_002_Front_StandingFire_SingleShot_Interpolation - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_003_Front_StandingFire_RapidFire_Interpolation - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_004_Front_HipFire_Aim_Interpolation - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_005_Front_HipFire_SingleShot_Interpolation - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_006_Front_HipFire_RapidFire_Interpolation - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_019_Idle_Comfortable_Interpolation - UE4/UE5/MH

Anim_Rifle_020_Idle_Uncomfortable_Interpolation - UE4/UE5/MH


▶ 이 애니메이션 팩은 언리얼엔진을 사용하는 3D게임, 그리고 모든 3D프로덕션을 위해 제작된 '사실적인 스토리텔링 모션캡쳐' 데이터입니다.

이 애니메이션들은 UE4마네킨 / UE5마네킨에 리타깃 되어 있습니다.

만약 당신이 이 애니메이션을 언리얼 엔진에서 다른 캐릭터, 예를 들어 메타휴먼에 리타깃하고 싶다면, 꼭 UE5의 'IK리타기터' 문서를 확인하시길 바랍니다.

(Link :

※위의 이미지 속의 메타휴먼은 프로젝트에 포함되어 있지 않습니다.

※ 모션캡처 애니메이션 : 20*3 = 60 (UE4 Mannequin / UE5 Manny/m_med_nrw_body)

※ 모션캡처 루프 애니메이션 : 8*3 = 24 (UE4 Mannequin / UE5 Manny/m_med_nrw_body)

(UE4 Mannequin / UE5 Manny / Metahuman Base Skeleton(m_med_nrw_body)

Technical Details

※ Note : Metahuman Character in the images is not included in the product.


  • Total 84 (28*3) mocap animation sequences of story-telling actions.
  • Each animation is retargeted to :

UE4 Manny(SK_Mannequin) / UE5 Manny(SKM_Manny) / Metahuman Base Skeleton(m_med_nrw_body)

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: Yes

Number of Unique Animations: 28

Number of Animations: 84

MetaHuman Skeleton Support: Yes

Body Types Supported: Tall/Male/NormalWeight

Animation types: inplace

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

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[email protected]


※ 위의 이미지 속의 메타휴먼은 프로젝트에 포함되어 있지 않습니다.


  • 90개의 스토리텔링 애니메이션 시퀀스
  • 각각의 애니메이션은 UE4마네킨, UE5마네킨에, 메타휴먼 베이스 스켈레톤에 리타깃 되어 있습니다.

에픽 스켈레톤에 리깅 되어있는지 : 네

만약 에픽 스켈레톤에 리깅되어있다면, IK본이 포함되어있는지 : 네

애니메이션의 개수 : 84

애니메이션 타입 : inplace

지원되는 개발 플랫폼

윈도우 : 가능

맥 : 가능

감성놀이터/메타휴먼랩은 여러분과 함께 성장해나가고 싶습니다.

언제든지 편하게 이메일로 연락하세요!

[email protected]