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Monsters - Night Crawler

Polygonmaker - Characters - Dec 5, 2017

Horrible Creatures ready to any game!

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.12 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Horrible Creatures ready to any game!

Animated character with optimized polygon count:

 - LOD0: 13000 tris

 - LOD1: 7000 tris

 - LOD2: 4000 tris

There are 4 different textures<br>

"PBR" - 4K set: (Diffuse, Metallic, Roughness, Occlusion, Emission and Normal maps)

Fully rigged characters with 15 animations.



Technical Details


Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: No

Animated: Yes

Number of characters: 1 (4 textures)

Vertex counts of characters: LOD0: 6509, LOD1: 30504, LOD2: 2003

Texture Resolutions: 4096x4096

Number of Animations: 15

Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): Both