Modular Combat Shotgun

Ben Fisher - Nov 17, 2020
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A Modular Combat Shotgun With Easily Interchangeable And Colourable Parts

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.18 - 4.26
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

A modular Combat Shotgun with modern styling with fully interchangeable and colourable parts.

The Shotgun uses 12 Gauge shells and comes with 3 different ammo types complete with all projectile components.

The pack comes with 3 distinct, yet interchangeable styles, consisting of a factory kit with standard parts.

A more complex tactical version with muzzle brake, holographic sight and tactical handgrip.

As well as a long marksman version with a with a smart scope, long barrel and marksman grip.

The shotgun and parts are all scaled to the Epic skeleton and the Picatinny rails are made accurately to the STANAG measurements, so any other accurately made parts should also fit.

The Pack also comes with a Colour/Pattern Changeable Material that allows you to create custom colour schemes and apply your own camouflage patterns freely, all adjustable within an included demonstration Blueprint.

Also Included is an accurate Holographic sight material that replicates the seemingly infinite range on the cross hair so its always pointing the same direction as the weapon, which also comes with a variety of different cross hairs to mix and match.

All Blueprints and materials are clearly commented and easy to follow, even for beginners, and a tutorial is included that explains how all the parts go together as well as how to use the included blueprints and materials.

Technical Details

1 Sample blueprint allowing users to quickly look at combinations of parts and a selection of 6 example colour schemes.

Full animations, plus data driven reloading animation.

51 Textures 

 The Main Body Parts are 4096, and smaller parts are 2048, with the smallest at 1024.

 Comes with a Complimentary Jungle Camo Pattern (1024) and a Geometric Pattern (1024).

Each part has a Normal Map and a Packed Metal, Rough, Wear and Mask for the colour change material.

28 Meshes - One for each part plus one Static Receiver and one animated Skeletal Receiver.

4 Master materials - One colour changeable with adjustable wear for the parts of the weapon, one for the scope's lenses, one for the tritium sights and one for the ammo and box.

28 Material Instances- 24 for the Shotgun and its parts, 4 for the dynamic colour change material.

Triangle Counts

Barrels - 178 to 2172

Handgrips - 648 to 1423

Sights - 1096 and 2284

Magazines - 1128 to 1136 

Receiver - 6502

Pump Handles - 1022 and 1024

Ammo Box - 564

LODs all generated in UE4

Collisions All Generated in UE4 - using 18 DOP for large elements and simplified cube for small elements.

Tested in Engine 4.18+

Tested on Windows x64 in editor

If you have any issues, or wish for any improvements, do not hesitate to contact me!

(responses may take up to 48 hours)