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Modo2Unreal [BETA]

4D Pipeline - Code Plugins - Apr 11, 2023

Modo2Unreal transfers the Assets you’ve built in Modo to Unreal Engine automatically.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.27, 5.0 - 5.2

Modo2Unreal automatically transfers the Assets you’ve built in Modo to Unreal Engine. As you make changes in Modo, the changes are synchronized to Unreal Engine. Assets, Layouts, and Scenes look as they were intended in Unreal Engine. No manual exporting/importing is required. 

Geometry, Mesh data, Materials, Textures, UVs, Environments, Lights, Cameras, Tone Mapping, Instancing, and Hierarchy are all supported. 

Modo2Unreal uses all the power of Epic’s Datasmith and Direct Link to communicate with the Unreal Engine in real-time. 

With Modo2Unreal, you can bring the entire pre-constructed scenes (or part of them) and complex assemblies into Unreal, regardless of how large, dense or heavy those scenes may be...and in a matter of seconds! No messing about with FBX files.

Modo2Unreal allows different setups to share data, from a single machine to network protocols. Direct Link can send work to an Unreal Engine instance on the same machine or over a private network. This way, complex agency and enterprise workflows comprising more than one station and artist can work together in real-time, saving lots of time.

Boost your Modo to Unreal Engine pipeline and save yourself truckloads of time.



This is currently an open beta release; as such, you might experiment some bugs. However, we are here to support this plugin, and we will listen carefully to your feedback.

Besides the usual REVIEWS and QUESTIONS tab, we have a dedicated email to us for this product.

To find out more, contact:

[email protected]


The software can be used as a Beta for 30 days. Pricing and packaging of the Plugin will be reviewed and set after the Beta period.

How to Install:


  • Install the plugin in Modo with our unpacker
  • There is a ‘Kits’ button in the upper right corner, press it.
  • Click on Modo2Unreal button.
  • You can see a plugin UI.
  • ‘Export’ – export scene to Datasmith file (.udatasmith)


  • Click the Datasmith DirectLink in Datasmith
  • Select the Modo Application


  • The plugin required Datasmith DirectLink active on Unreal side.
  • Connection will over also between direct machine as long as there is an open IP and port open.
  • Datasmith should be working also Modo>TwinMotion (Untested)

Modo is a registered trademark of The Foundry -

Technical Details