Orchestral Fury - Fantasy Music Pack

Andrew Conner Composer - Music - Jan 12, 2024
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Epic, massive, melodic orchestral music loops designed to give a AAA soundtrack to your Fantasy RPG/Action games. Perfect for epic menu themes and loading screens, action sequences, and game trailers.

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  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.1 - 5.4
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

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AAA Quality Orchestral Music Loops for Fantasy Games

Orchestral Fury is a collection of high-quality epic orchestral music loops that are available for royalty-free use in video games. This collection is intended to provide game developers with the grand, epic feel found in the orchestral soundtracks of the world's most iconic and beloved AAA fantasy video game series. Orchestral Fury enables game developers to easily incorporate the same grandiose orchestral sound into their own games, adding a sense of scale and elevating the overall production value at a low cost.

Is this Music Right for my Game?

Orchestral Fury features complex orchestrations with sweeping melodies and thunderous rhythms, reminiscent of the classic Hollywood-style cinematic orchestral soundtracks featured in top-tier AAA Fantasy video games. Designed to elevate the scale and production value of your Fantasy worlds, these pieces are ideal for epic main menus, loading screens, action/fight sequences, or even game trailers and promo videos. While the melodic and orchestral nature of these tracks is intended to evoke a sense of adventure characteristic of epic Fantasy RPG games, they can also be used to compliment any game where an orchestral soundtrack with realism and grandeur is desired.

The AAA Orchestral Sound at a Low Price

Epic orchestral music has always played a vital role in the most immersive and epic Fantasy RPG and Adventure video games. The most iconic AAA Fantasy titles heavily incorporate orchestral soundtracks, and featuring this genre in the soundtrack of a new Fantasy video game can instantly add production value and a sense of grandeur. Unfortunately, producing such music can be an expensive endeavor, making it inaccessible to many game developers. Orchestral Fury was created using tens of thousands of dollars of the best music production software, hardware, plugins, and virtual instruments available on the market to give game developers access to this style of professionally produced, mixed, and mastered orchestral music at a low price.


Orchestral Fury comprises a total of 31 high-quality 44.1kHz, 16-bit stereo WAV files, along with 21 Metasounds set up for instant plug-and-play fade-in and looping options.

The collection includes 10 "Main Loops" that can be used as standalone tracks, allowing for quick and straightforward integration into your game engine. Additionally, 9 "Intro Loops" accompany the main loops, and each of them can be seamlessly looped with itself and the corresponding "Main Loop" for more advanced implementation using middleware. This enables developers to program vamped introductions before the main piece starts playing.

Orchestral Fury also includes 10 "One Shot" edits of each composition. These edits curate parts of the "Intro" and "Main" loops to create cohesive standalone compositions that are ideal for use in game trailers and gameplay videos, as well as other promotional material. Additionally, 2 bonus loops are provided for in-game use: "Lost Catacombs," an ambient, melodic, and heavily orchestrated loop suitable for suspenseful exploration, and "Battleground Percussion," a driving drum arrangement designed for looping during combat sequences.

Finally, 2 bonus loops are provided: "Lost Catacombs," an ambient, melodic, and heavily orchestrated loop suitable for suspenseful exploration, and "Battleground Percussion," a driving drum arrangement designed for looping during combat sequences.

Track Descriptions

  1. A Grand Adventure: Positive, Chipper - think "optimistic start to your journey"
  2. Storm the Gates: Intense, Triumphant - think "taking the fight to the enemy"
  3. Dark Omens: Mysterious, Grim - think "cursed vampire castle"
  4. Grim Guardians: Regal, Brooding - think "dwarven fortress in the mountains"
  5. Knights Errant: Heroic, Triumphant - think "galloping forth towards glory"
  6. Ride of the Storm Guard: Intense, Heroic - think "final battle"
  7. The Seafarer: Spirited, Adventurous - think "swashbuckling on the high seas"
  8. Tides of War: Intense, Foreboding - think "theme for the main villain"
  9. Might & Magic: Heroic, Mysterious - think "Paladin/Battlemage to the rescue"
  10. Warboss: Steady, Imposing - think "big bad boss enters scene"
  11. Bonus: Lost Catacombs: Ominous, Atmospheric - think "suspenseful underground exploration"
  12. Bonus: Battleground Percussion: Powerful, Driving - think "steady groove for extended combat"



  1. LOOP_A Grand Adventure_INTO.wav (0:14)
  2. LOOP_A Grand Adventure_MAIN.wav (1:17)
  3. LOOP_Dark Omens_INTRO.wav (0:05)
  4. LOOP_Dark Omens_MAIN.wav (0:56)
  5. LOOP_Grim Guardians_INTO.wav (0:13)
  6. LOOP_Grim Guardians_MAIN.wav (1:21)
  7. LOOP_Knights Errant_MAIN.wav (1:21)
  8. LOOP_Might & Magic_INTRO.wav (0:14)
  9. LOOP_Might & Magic_MAIN.wav (0:59)
  10. LOOP_Ride of the Storm Guard_INTRO.wav (0:06)
  11. LOOP_Ride of the Storm Guard_MAIN.wav (1:22)
  12. LOOP_Storm the Gates_INTRO.wav (0:15)
  13. LOOP_Storm the Gates_MAIN.wav (1:20)
  14. LOOP_The Seafarer_INTRO.wav (0:08)
  15. LOOP_The Seafarer_MAIN.wav (1:20)
  16. LOOP_Tides of War_INTRO.wav (0:13)
  17. LOOP_Tides of War_MAIN.wav (1:30)
  18. LOOP_Warboss_INTRO.wav (0:05)
  19. LOOP_Warboss_MAIN.wav (1:30)
  20. LOOP_Lost Catacombs_Ambient.wav (4:12)
  21. LOOP_Battleground Percussion_Action.wav (1:25)

One Shots

  1. A Grand Adventure.wav (1:30)
  2. Dark Omens.wav (1:06)
  3. Grim Guardians.wav (1:34)
  4. Knights Errant.wav (1:38)
  5. Might & Magic.wav (1:20)
  6. Ride of the Storm Guard.wav (1:39)
  7. Storm the Gates.wav (1:36)
  8. The Seafarer.wav (1:43)
  9. Tides of War.wav (1:42)
  10. Warboss.wav (1:36)

All tracks are original compositions composed and produced by Andrew Conner.


Technical Details


  •  10 loopable Main Themes
  •  9 loopable Intros for 9 of the Main Themes
  • 2 bonus loopable tracks for in-game use
  •  10 "One Shot" edits of the Themes including intro and main theme content for each Theme (not loopable)
  • 21 Metasounds with customizable fade-in and looping options.

Number of Audio Wavs: 31

Number of Metasounds: 21

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 khz, 16 bit

Does music loop: (Yes/No) Yes

Minutes of audio provided: Loops: 21 minutes, One Shots: 15 minutes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes