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Mesh Morpher

Yaki Studios - Apr 7, 2020

Mesh Morpher allows you to create/remove/modify morph targets easily from within the UE4 Editor.

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.24 - 4.26
  • Download Type
    Engine Plugin
    This product contains a code plugin, complete with pre-built binaries and all its source code that integrates with Unreal Engine, which can be installed to an engine version of your choice then enabled on a per-project basis.

Mesh Morpher allows you to create/remove/modify, copy, import and export morph targets easily from within UE4 Editor.

This plugin is under continuous development and improvement.

Please get in touch with me on my discord server or on e-mail with suggestions, bugs or any other questions.

Getting started videos: Here

Cool Project that's using Mesh Morpher: Here

Mesh Morpher 1.4.3 is Live! (01/06/2021)

  • [MM-67] Implemented the ability to configure Symmetry axis.
  • [MM-68] Clicking on Mesh Morpher icon in toolbar when skeletal meshes are selected in Content Browser automatically opens them in Mesh Morpher.
  • [MM-69] When copying a single Morph Target to another mesh will automatically fill the New Morph Target name with the name of the source Morph Target.
  • [MM-70] When copying Morph Targets, target mesh will be auto-filled with the most recent selection.
  • [MM-71] Selecting a Morph Target in Morph Target List doesn't automatically open it anymore. You'll have to double-click it or select Open Selected Morph Target from context menu(right click) or Edit menu.

Mesh Morpher 1.4.1 is Live! (12/01/2020)

  • [MM-66] Fixed a bug that prevented Morph Targets to be baked on an imported Skeletal Mesh (editor)

Mesh Morpher 1.4.0 is Live! (10/12/2020)

  • [MM-65] Fixed a possible bug that would generate normal deltas out of range in certain cases.

Technical Details


  • Create Morph Targets
  • Delete Morph Targets
  • LOD Support (Morph Targets are reflected on all mesh LODs)
  • In-Editor Mesh deformation
  • Easy to use UI
  • Works with any Skeletal Mesh
  • Copy Morph Targets to another mesh
  • Merge Morph Targets
  • Rename Morph Target
  • Duplicate Morph Target
  • Export Morph Targets to Static Meshes
  • Bake Morph targets into Skeletal Mesh
  • Runtime baking
  • Standalone Morph Targets
  • Symmetry Editing
  • Bulk Copy
  • Change Pose
  • Reference Skeletal Mesh
  • Create Morph Target from Selected Pose
  • Blueprint Tools

Tool Types:

  • Move
  • Smooth
  • Sculpt
  • Sculpt Max
  • Inflate
  • Pinch
  • Flatten
  • Plane
  • Restore
  • Transform

Code Modules:

  •  MeshMorpher [Editor] [Win32/64]
  •  MeshMorpherRuntime[Runtime] [Win32/64, Android, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation]

Number of C++ Classes: 22

Network Replicated: N/A

Supported Development Platforms: Win32/64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win32/64, Android, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation

Important/Additional Notes:

Forum: Here

Support: Here