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MasterSpawner / Wave Spawning System

Vanreus - May 6, 2021
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MasterSpawner is a easy to setup, drag and drop wave spawning system for Unreal Engine.

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    Engine Plugin
    This product contains a code plugin, complete with pre-built binaries and all its source code that integrates with Unreal Engine, which can be installed to an engine version of your choice then enabled on a per-project basis.


Asset Overview

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MasterSpawner is a C++ based wave spawning system. The main premise of this asset is that it's easy to use and implement. We tried to reduce all of the work from the user's side to give a smooth and easy experience. However, this doesn't mean that it's not customizable. For advanced users, all the necessary functions are exposed to a blueprint and can be used in any shape and form.

The spawning system is based on few components.

  1. MasterSpawner: This is the main blueprint that will be handling the spawning and control of everything. Some key components of the MasterSpawner.
  2. ActiveSpawnLocations: These are the spawn locations that the spawner will be choosing from while spawning.
  3. SpawnList: This is a struct array of AI classes and their probability to spawn. The classes in this array will be spawned in every round based on their probabilities.
  4. ForceSpawnList: This is a struct array of AI classes and their spawning method (Instant, Random). You will use this list to spawn special AI's in that round (Bosses, Special Enemies).
  5. SpawnCheckSphereRadius: The spawner checks that random location before spawning an ai there. The radius specifies how big the checking area should be.
  6. ChannelToAvoidSpawning: The spawner will avoid the given channel while spawning AI's. You can use this to avoid obstacles in the spawning area.
  7. And many more...
  8. SpawnLocation: They include a sphereCollision which indicates the area that the spawn location covers (Needs to have a SpawnNavAreaFilter on the areas that spawning is needed). If this spawn location is selected the AI will be spawned in a randomly suitable location within the sphere.
  9. SpawnActivator: They include an array of spawn locations. Overlapping with the activator will replace the ActiveSpawnLocations at the MasterSpawner with the ones that the SpawnActivator has.
  10. SpawnNavAreaFilter: This nav filter will be used to determine the spawnable areas.
  11. LocalSpawners: These are like MasterSpawners but their purpose is to host small challenges such as kill and survive challenges. Includes similar variables and components as the master spawner.
  12. KillCountArea: If an AI dies within the bounds of this area the kill count will increase and a function will be notified. You can use the kill count to create custom challenges.

Technical Details


  •  Fully automated spawn system.
  •  Fully dynamic spawn locations.
  •  Sample level showcasing the system.
  • Probability-based spawning for AI variation
  • Fixed spawn ratio for large groups (Optimization)
  • Special notifies on RoundStarts, EnemySpawns, RoundEnds, etc...
  • Time breaks between rounds for players to prepare for the upcoming round.
  • Respawn system for left behind AI's
  • Special spawn list for Bosses and special AI's.
  • Location-based area checks to minimize the probability of spawning at a wrong location.
  • Customize Round Waiting Time, Number of AI's to Spawn, etc...
  • LocalSpawner to create minigames
  • Pause and Resume the spawner anytime.
  • Tag-based actor recognition

Number of Blueprints: 5 [19 including the examples and widgets]

Network Replicated: NO

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Documentation: Fully Commented, Example Level, Youtube tutorials, Google Docs Documentation

Additional: Editor and blueprint themes are not included in this asset and not owned by me. You can get them from.

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