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Lazy Godray

Devon Chiu - Oct 31, 2018
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a quick and easy godray effect blueprint for both stylized & realistic ambiance creation.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.14, 4.19 - 4.26
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

UPDATE: Lazy Godray Ver2.0 has been implemented and included in this product as a supplement to the original blueprint. Please check out the video for more detail: Lazy Godray Ver 2.0 (4.24 and above)

Video: V1.2 Parameter Showcase

Lazy Godray is an effect Blueprint for quick and isolated godray setup without the need of using volumetric lighting feature from unreal. This Asset combines all crucial components for making a nice looking godray effect into one Blueprint with a ton of customization options for that extra kick in completing the ambiance of your environment.


- Lite weight geometry driven godray effect

- Customizable textures for light shaft effect & moving smoke

- Fully customizable volumetric options resembling the physical characteristic of smoke and volumetric lighting.

- Spotlight component and dust particle system to further pushing the visual fidelity of the effect. 

- Material can be used separately as fog material on simple cards & particle system.

Technical Details

All features are broken into sub categories in Blueprint setting. The ordering of the categories appears to be in random due to an unresolved unreal bug. It is advised to follow the numbering order when making your own customization. 

1. Scale:

-All components scale off diameter & length multipliers

2. Main Attributes:

-Consists of settings related to light streaks

-The tint color parameter not only tints the godray texture, but also the spotlight color for coherence. 

 3. Volumetric Settings: 

-Depth Fade Distance: control the revealing distance of the geometry behind/colliding with the godray geometry

-Fresnel Exponent: control the fading effect based on the facing ratio of the godray geometry. 

-Camera Fading Control: control the fading effect when camera push into godray 

-Vertical fading Control: control the weighting of the effect along the strip

-Cylindrical Masking Exponent: controls the apparent "roundness" of the effect

-Lightray Convergent: switching from parallel lightshaft to that of a spotlight which shoot out from a point. 

 4. Running Smoke: Smoke animation enabled through animated texture:

 -With basic intensity, scaling, and speed parameters to be customized to your need with your own alpha texture. 

5.Dust Particles:

-GPU emitter for small dust shimmering around godray

-Camera based reveal & culling setting to contain the visibility of the dust within ideal distance. 

-(3 LOD level with the emission disabled beyond 2500 unit away from camera)