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Tj0mmas - Blueprints - Jul 12, 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Blueprint Generator. Easy and Flexible kitchen construction.

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  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.1 - 5.4
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

📄PDF guide (v1.22 - updated 12/05/24)

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Current published version : 1.37 (06/12/24)


KitchenPro lets you easily create the kitchens you wish without the need of static meshes for cabinets. Almost everything is possible. It uses Dynamic mesh. It is mostly intended to archviz creation (use the bake feature for games).

It has various Blueprints to set your cabinets, your worktop above them, put appliances in your cabinets, and design your drawer. It probably can be used to design bathroom cabinets as well.

  • Simply start by dropping a Cabinet blueprint (BP_KitchenPro_Cabinet). Set its size, add divisions, use baseboard or leg mesh, set the handle, etc. You can save your presets as data assets to use them later. You also can copy/paste various settings.
  • Add a countertop above (BP_KitchenPro_CounterTop) and set its size, splashback and legs. Eventually easily add sinks and/or hob (it automatically cutouts the countertop according to the collision mesh of sink/hob).
  • Both Blueprints have an autoPositionning feature. Set the parent, and the cabinet/countertop will automatically move to the right location and will stick to it.
  • Add any appliance inside the cabinet (BP_KitchenPro_Appliance)
  • Design your own Panel design (BP_KitchenPro_PanelDesigner) and save it as Data asset to use it with your cabinets.
  • After having designed your cabinet, eventually use the new OpenableDrawer and OpenableDoor BPs.
  • Every DynamicMesh can be baked to static mesh in 1 click with the editor utility widget, for performance saving and lumen support (tip: once baked, use the native UE feature "convert actor to static mesh" if you need the export the whole kitchen as .fbx)

  • To understand the logic behind internal drawer structure and cookplate texture, you can see this source file
  • Download free Appliance assets (updated 05/06/24) & Free Props Assets (updated 05/16/24) prepared for KitchenPro
  • Please, if you like KPro, rate the product, it helps a lot.

Technical Details

Features :

  • Easy Kitchen Creation with highly customisable cabinet/countertop blueprints
  • Openable Door/Drawer Blueprints (interactive at runtime)
  • Interactive Appliance Blueprints (oven, cookplate)
  • AutoPositionning (cabinet and countertop)
  • Panel Designer (design your own front panel for doors/drawers but also for finisher panels)
  • Editor Utility Widget (fast building functions / save presets / static mesh baking)
  • Other usefull blueprints

Number of Blueprints :

  • 13 actor BPs (+ Presets BPs)
  • 1 Editor Utility Widget

Plugin needed : GeometryScripting

Credits :

Additional Notes :

  • GeoScript currently not supported by Lumen/Nanite. You can bake the geometry to static mesh in 2 clicks with the system that comes from Lyra example (process described in the PDF) but since it's intended to Archviz creation, you may prefer pathTracer for your final production. But with proper Engine settings, the result is good.
  • No appliance static mesh included - except dummy examples (oven, handles, legs). Download Bonus Assets (links at bottom of description)