In Camera VFX Example

Epic Games - UE Feature Samples - Sep 16, 2020

The In-Camera VFX example steps through the components of Unreal Engine's groundbreaking approach to real-time live-action filmmaking with LED walls.

Advances in LED panel technology combined with Unreal Engine have enabled in-camera VFX to become a reality - actors can be placed into virtual scenes live instead of composited later and photographic elements can take advantage of environment lighting and reflections. These impressive new possibilities involve a number of moving parts, ranging from synchronized rendering to live camera tracking to multi-user collaboration to remote control systems. The combination of these components result in a powerful set of live-action filmmaking tools in Unreal Engine.

Learn how all of the pieces fit together into a cohesive whole with the in-camera VFX example project. Working in concert with the comprehensive quickstart documentation, this example steps through all of the key areas of the setup with clear explanations of the Unreal Engine systems that support the workflow, such as nDisplay, Live Link, Multi-User Editing, and Web Remote Control. The example can be run on a single machine to build up foundational knowledge which can then be extrapolated to multiple machines in a more sophisticated production deployment on stage.

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