ia scatter

iraisynn attinom - Blueprints - Feb 8, 2023

ia scatter is an easy, fast and feature rich scattering tool for unreal engine.

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  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

ia scatter is an easy, fast and feature rich scattering tool for unreal engine.

Official page / 80.lv review

It can be used to scatter instances of static meshes or blueprint actors on any surface. suitable for abstract, plants, nature, rocks, buildings, antennas on buildings, suitable for anything.

Teaser videos: Walls / City / Space

Whether you're creating a large open-world environment or a small indoor scene, ia scatter will help you bring life to your project and create natural and immersive scenes in no time. This tool helps you scatter assets with a few clicks, creating a seamless and convincing environment in minutes, easily, with precision and control. Save time and increase productivity by avoiding tedious manual placement, while still retaining the flexibility to make changes on the fly.

feature videos: cable system / version 2.76 / snow generation / version 2.69 / version 2.56 / version 1.98 / version 1.86 / version 1.69 / version 1.01

a tech demo called "ia scatter city" is available on : steam / itch.io / 80.lv cloud experiences


  • Preset saving and loading system.
  • Cable system.
  • Area, spline, planar, linear and point tracing options. 1D and omnidirectional
  • static mesh voxelization distribution and texture map instance projection
  • static mesh, actor(blueprint), skeletal mesh, niagara system and geometry collection instancing (with probability setting)
  • voxel geometry generation
  • convex / concave detection mode
  • clustering
  • proximity to actor scale
  • scale falloff gradient with ratio control
  • look-at rotation options and target (3d widget)
  • use spline from separate actor
  • apply spline rotation to instances
  • fixed instance distance along spline
  • tracing special behavior based on physical materials and selection of actors
  • ignore actors from trace (trace passthrough)
  • Avoid overlapping (3 methods) and instance minimum distance
  • Slope angle distribution
  • function in control panel with autoPopulate (append selected static meshes or blueprints to selected ia scatter(s))
  • function in control panel to convert scattered instances to actual scene actors and instanced foliage actors
  • Scattering area can be rotated to face any direction
  • Separate instanced mesh relative scale
  • location grid snapping
  • Static mesh proxies
  • Complete instance rotation control with rotation snapping
  • Complete instance uniform and non uniform scale control
  • Align instances to normal
  • Instances distance from face (along normal)
  • Instance collision type selection
  • both construction script and event graph / runtime execution

enjoy :)

current version 2.92 [17.Mar.2024]

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  • Since version 1.98 ia scatter needs the Geometry script plugin enabled. The plugin comes with unreal engine editor and to enable it you can follow the steps at the beginning of this video.
  • ia scatter for unreal engine version 4.27 and 5.0 is currently provided without example maps. the maps will be recreated and added in a future update.
  • Voxelization does not work for 4.27 because of unreal engine 4 limitations.
  • This is a blueprint product, the assets shown in the videos and screenshots are not included. Some polyhaven.com assets are included for testing purposes.
  • Enabling Nanite for all static meshes is recommended.
  • Enabling preserve area for the foliage static meshes is recommended.