Horror Suite No.1

Faidenblass - Music - Jul 12, 2023

A must have collection of 30 quality tracks ideal for Drama, Art-film, Horror, Mystery or Supernatural projects.

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Horror suite No.1


We are FAIDENBLASS, digital content creators based in Italy and UK.

Faidenblass is a production, audio-video post-production 

studio for cinema, videogame industry and web. 

Listen to a samples mix breakdown of the whole pack: SOUNDCLOUD

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or check out our website: FAIDENBLASS

"Horror Suite No.1" is a collection of 30 tracks full of suspence, atmosphere, 

horror taste, supernatural and dramatic mood. The pack is a must have 

for horror video-game development, survival, dark, cinematic scenarios and many other projects.

WAV 16 bit / 44.1 khz.

The average tracks peak is -3 to let You to use them to manipulate as You need

Here a breakdown of the whole tracks U can find in the pack:


1 - discover 

(a sad track full of atmosphere and suspence)

2 - inside the terror 

(a deep ambient texture full of terror)

3 - weird tales 

(a monstruous horn calling demons )

4 - a call from above

(men and women vocal solos become a chorus full of chaos and fear, atonal)

5 - walking through

(a terrorful texture full of suspence)

6 - the face of the terror

(an orchestra increases the energy of the terror)

7 - the soul underneath

(a sad and dramatic track, we're talking about ghosts here!)

8 - there's no one around

(reverbered track, a calling from the hell)

9 - the door

(suspence and transition track, full of light waiting terror)

10 - facing down [main theme]

(a sad and dramatic theme, a secret from the past near to be revealed)

11 listening something strange

(echoes of ghosts, a texture of waiting terror)

12 - call my name softly

(vocal women chorus play a full of mystery track)

13 - I know everything now

(a dramatic track, something has been revealed right now, but a questioning final)

14 - cut me out

(weird sounds from the hell)

15 - dreamlife

(piano solo, some past melody)

16 - echoes of wonders

(a deep and dark texture, gurgles final)

17 - here comes the dark

(chaos among the instruments, visions of terror)

18 - arriving

(violins wait an answer and scream until the end)

19 - piano learning

(a toy piano has been played at the radio, a ghost nearby)

20 - enemies

(gurgles of monsters from an ambient and deep texture)

21 - cold

(a deep and full of fear echoes texture)

22 - alone

(solo piano, a sad and dramatic piano track from an ancient past)

23 - evil walks elvil talks

(atonal violins growing until a crashing end, the ferror in the eyes)

24 - horror in face of me

(dramatic scenes with this atmosphere track and raising energy until the end)

25 - reality

(the world is in the mirror with this full of atmosphere track with a 80's movies mood)

26 - blu air

(ambient texture, evil breathing)

27 - something is here

(high violins waiting something happening)

28 - reality is a lie

(an ambient track full of suspence)

29 - the end is near

(a wonderful overture takes us to the end)

30 - way home

(an ambient track, ending titles)

After the purchase, if You need some other stem or texture 

from these tracks we can send them free of charge!!


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Technical Details


  •  30 high quality tracks with cinematic taste from a cinema studio
  •  WAV 44.1 Khz/ 16 BIT : masterpiece of compositions
  •  50% discount for next products from FAIDENBLASS

Number of Audio Wavs: 30

Number of Audio Cues: 30

Sample rate / bit rate: (44,100 Hz - 16 BIT)

Minutes of audio provided: 1 Hr

Supported Development Platforms: ALL

Available for both Windows and Mac