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Horror Gore Sound Effects Pack

WOW Sound - Sound Effects - May 27, 2024
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Introducing our Horror Gore Sound Effects Pack, perfect for your next horror project! This collection features 465 scary gore sound effects and realistic gore sound effects designed to elevate your gore scenes.

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    5.0 - 5.4
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Introducing our Horror Gore Sound Effects Pack, perfect for your next horror project! This collection features 465 scary gore sound effects and realistic gore sound effects designed to elevate your gore scenes.

This gore series is edited and designed from Rock The Speakerbox's Hero and Melee—a collaboration with Rock The Speakerbox and WOW Sound.

Dive into a library of gore and blood sound effects that will make your audience squirm. Our gruesome sound effects pack includes many gory, violent sound effects ideal for use in horror movies and game development.

With these cinematic gore sound effects and blood and gore audio effects, you have everything you need for spine-chilling realism. Whether you're creating a short film or an indie game, our gory sound effects library offers an extensive selection. Perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this Horror Gore Sound Effects Pack will bring your most terrifying visions to life.

What’s inside the pack?

1. Blood, 45 Sounds

2. Bone, 52 Sounds

3. Chop, 22 Sounds

4. Flesh, 67 Sounds

5. Impacts, 83 Sounds

6. Misc, 15 Sounds

7. Monster, 41 Sounds

8. Slice, 21 Sounds

9. Stab, 70 Sounds

10. Stinger, 31 Sounds

11. Whoosh, 18 Sounds

Soundcloud: Audio Preview

Short video Demo: YouTube

Preview Single SFX Preview: Website


Technical Details

Number of audio tracks: 465

Number of SFX: 465

Sound Cues: 465

Sample rate \ bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit, Stereo, WAVs

Intended Platform: All Platforms

Platforms Tested: OSX

Minutes of audio provided: 17mins 59s