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Hillview - A Modular Modern House

XS Gamestudios - Environments - May 17, 2019

A realistic, modern environment, built of modular pieces, including fully furnished interiors.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.21 - 4.25, 4.27
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.


Hillview is a modular architectural asset pack, empowering you to create modern houses and providing you with all the necessary assets to fully furnish and decorate your creations.

The materials give you full control over each asset, allowing you to adjust colors or imperfections of the surface and make the scene your own.

Parallax Occlusion is used to create a fluffy photorealistic carpet material, with extreme details, while barely wasting polygons. It can be personalized with each pattern of your liking. Distance based tessellation is used for gravel and dirt materials.

The whole scene is explorable in first person, featuring fully interactive, animated door blueprints.

(scene includes atrium, kitchen/ dining area, living room, bedroom/ office, wine cellar, garage, pool, 2 terraces, garden view, courtyard)

Planar reflections can be used for detailed real time reflections, but can decrease your framerate (you may use these considerate; must be turned on in settings first).

Additional props for further decoration are also included (tree, bush, customizable wall-paintings, car with optional interiors and more).

Technical Details


Meshes: 140+

  • Modular walls/ Architectural assets (for exterior and interior)
  • Pool and terrace assets
  • Furniture (grand piano, sofa, tables, chairs, barchair, office chair, bed, kitchen, paintings, shelfs, monitor/tv, keyboard, wineshelfs, shisha, ...)
  • Plants for interior (2) and exterior (tree/bushes/grass)
  • Decoration and small props (tablewear, barrel, handcart, firewood pile, winebottle, bowl filled with apples, ...)
  • Car (with and without interior)
  • Customizable carpet and paintings


  • Animated, interactive doors (4)
  • Ceiling lights (2)

Materials: 100+

  • 20+ master materials
  • 90+ material instances


  • Detailed, explorable demo environment
  • Asset Overview


  • HDRI (mountains sunrise)
  • Adjusted water material for pool

Textures: 200+

Texture Sizes:

mostly 4k source (some scaled down in editor for performance)


Yes, automatically generated

Vertex Count:

Furniture: 100 - 4k

Walls/Architecture: <500

Car: 31k (with interior)/ 17k (without interior)

Tree: 12k

LODs: 4 (generated)

Important/Additional Notes:

No bathroom included!