Hex Procedural Dungeon Generator 1.01

Shane Sanford - Blueprints - Jan 30, 2023

Seed driven Compact Grid and Hex Procedural Dungeon Generator

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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Overview Video

First Person Implementation

Top-Down Implementation

Third-Person and Multiplayer Implementation

Custom Project Implementation Example Video

Update 1

If you are in need of a randomly generated dungeon or just need a good foundation to build upon, this is for you. Plop the actor in your level, change a few settings to your liking and play.

This is a fully blueprint written random dungeon generator. It uses a seed, so it can be used and re-used to generate various levels.

Particular use-cases are a simple Multiplayer FPS game, a tactical game, or heck, with some work, this could be used for Table-Top campaigns or make RPG dungeons.

The current version is only one layer. I do have plans to implement multi-layer and many other features as well as potentially re-write it in C++, but wanted to get this out there before scope creep got the better of me.

This is an actor blueprint that is very compact and very well documented.

It's self-contained and compact design makes it easy to work with and move around from project to project.

There are tons of configuration options to customize the generation, creating virtually unlimited possibilities.

Everything is documented in the blueprint. The math does get complicated, but it's organized so that it doesn't require a PHD in mathematics to figure out.

To get started, create a project, add this to the project add your playerstart and click play.

Initial release is discounted, as more features and algorithms are added, the price will increase. Added Caves and expanded corridors *FREE*

Technical Details


  •  Procedural Room/Dungeon generation
  •  Generation based on Seed Stream
  •  Compact single-blueprint design
  • Built on construction (Live in Editor)
  • Hex and Rectangular grids
  • Grid, walls and doors easily replaced with your own meshes

Technical Details:

(1) Blueprint (Actor - SpawnDungeon)

(15) Simple Material Instances including Invisible wall Material

(8) Low-Poly Meshes

(1) Example Level

(6) Enumerations

(1) Structure

Closing Comments:

Please post an honest review and let me know what you have been able to do with this. I would love to see your modifications and creations.